17 April 2014

Leon's Food Bar ~ Chinese & Australian - Central Station

Beside the queues of pillow clutching country bus travellers at Sydney's Central Station is a cafe with a mix of decent Asian fare as well as burgers, big breakfasts and takeaway choices.

Leon's Food Bar reminds us of what the late lamented Oceanic Cafe was years ago to a different generation of travellers, a cheap spot to grab a feed before you went off elsewhere, nothing too fancy and make it quick.

Sitting looking out the window offers up a small panorama of Sydney life. Around Eddy Avenue at Central Station buses head off to points across the state not serviced by good train lines. Out-of-towners clutch maps looking for a landmark, suitcases wheel around from arriving and departing passengers, others are looking for a place to sleep or perhaps a spare coin or two.

What better dish for a weary traveller than Braised Beef Noodle Soup - $7.90. The soup had a decent Taiwanese spiced flavour in the broth, chewy udon noodles and a good pile of pickled veg in the middle. This dish has become real comfort food for us, if a long bus trip was on the cards or recovery from one then this is what we would look for.

Fried Pork Chops Noodle Soup $8.90. A clear soup with a big deep fried pork chop swimming for his life on top. The challenge is to eat it quick enough before it drowns.

Later in the day a table out the front offers freshly made dinner boxes. Varying in price, they make an excellent Japanese style train station (eki) bento style takeaway. Grab one before you head off on that Blue Mountains or Central Coast commute, even if you don't eat it there and then sinner is ready to go when you get home.

Spicy Minced Pork and Egg Rice, $7 take away. The mince was super spicy with little crackles of Szechuan pepper coming through in some bites. The scrambled egg makes a contrast to the spiced mince and a few greens add some extra flavour.

Leon's Food Bar Aussie Menu

Leon's Food Bar Chinese Menu

Leon's Food Bar is at Shop 8, Eddy Ave near Central Station and the bus terminals. We'll be back to try the Aussie milk bar staples soon.

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  1. I suspect that this place is very familiar to a number of travellers to and from Canberra. I quite like the spicy mince pork.

    1. Ah the old Murrays Express to Canberra, how I don't miss it...

  2. I was hoping you guys would review this place sometime...always wondered about it.


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