28 November 2013

Momiji Japanese Takeaway ~ Pittsway Arcade - Sydney City

Momiji is said to be the oldest Japanese food court stall in Sydney, with over 23 years in the Pittsway Arcade. That's a lot of katsudon pushed over the counter.

26 November 2013

Sapporo Summer Soup Curry Fest ~ Japan

As we pack our bags for Sapporo, Alison sheepishly tells Shawn that she's been commissioned to write an article on soup curry for a magazine. We're not sure if we will be published but dang we have a good time researching it, and we unexpectedly fall in love with soup curry. Here's why we will never be journos.

21 November 2013

Beijing Style - Flavour of Beijing ~ Chinese - Chinatown

Beijing Style is the spiritual successor to the much loved and sadly missed Daily Noodle Fast Food. It's just as ramshackle, almost as small, almost as cheap, and the food is excellent. Beijing Style is the kind of joint that inspires us to do what we do, whatever that is.

[Last updated March 2014]

19 November 2013

Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher ~ Vegetarian and Vegan - Newtown

There's a cow in the front window with a garland of flowers. Isn't this a vegetarian joint? Why is is called a butcher?

17 November 2013

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Bamboe Rendang Beef Stew - Indonesian

Rendang mix from a packet might seem like a real cheat, but this is an old favourite of ours and worth revisiting.

12 November 2013

Taiwan Ganbei ~ Taiwanese - Chinatown

Taiwan Ganbei took the place of I Heart Taiwan which took the place of a lamb hot pot restaurant before that and has firmly settled in as a Taiwanese favourite.

[Updated January 2014]

11 November 2013

Supermarkets of Mystery - Happy Pepero Day!

While many might observe 11 November as Remembrance Day or still weep over the 1975 sacking of Gough on this anniversary, a new contender has emerged for celebration - Pepero Day.

07 November 2013

East Ocean Food Stall ~ Chinese - Chinatown Markets

Every Friday night Chinatown's Dixon Street Mall becomes a super fun, squishy, just-like-Asia night market. One of Sydney's more revered Chinese restaurants, East Ocean, has a stall peddling restaurant quality dumplings and fried snackages.

05 November 2013

Bamboo Village BBQ Fish ~ Chinese - Chinatown

Ascend up from the bustle of Dixon St to try some BBQ fish that will give you a chilli kick all the way back down the stairs.

04 November 2013

Summer in Sapporo Part Two - Depachika feasts, Otaru and tofu skins

Our main inspiration to head north in Japan was the food. Different food. Seafood. Dairy. Potatoes. We found a big small town that turned our ideas about Japanese food upside down.