26 March 2019

Taste Gallery ~ Chinese, Mascot

The high-rise insta-suburb around Mascot station has a new cheery little buzz during the day. There's half a dozen great little b-kyu restos to try. Taste Gallery is the current blip on our radar.

23 March 2019

Supermarkets of mystery - Koji ~ Japanese rice mold

Fermentation. Umami. Mold. Now that we've got all the buzzwords out of the way, we can freely talk about the moldy Japanese rice grains called koji that create all the flavour in the soy sauce, miso and sake products we love.

12 March 2019

Afghan Sufra ~ Afghani - Lakemba

We usually head out to Merrylands whenever we feel like an Afghani feed, which is often. We love Merrylands but its quite a trek from our pretentious innerwest bubble. So we are thrilled to find Sufra Afghani in Haldon Street Lakemba, one of the Sydney's best and most underappreciated food strips.

07 March 2019

Island Dreams Cafe ~ Christmas & Cocos Islands - Lakemba

Christmas Island is closer to Indonesia than Australia, but Lakemba is conveniently closer to us. The food at Island Dreams Cafe has a transporting sambal hit, the Malaysian influence in the dishes will get you there faster than a scuttling red crab.