27 June 2013

A Uygher Feed & Urumqi Nut Cake in Zhuhai, China

Our final feed on our recent China trip takes place, of all places, in a Uygher restaurant in Zhuhai on the Macau border. It  makes us want to start our trip all over again.

20 June 2013

Taste of Cho ~ Taiwanese - Market City, Haymarket/Chinatown

One of our readers put us onto this crazy popular Taiwanese stall on the first floor of Market City shopping centre, Chinatown. We thank you. Oh, how we thank you.

18 June 2013

Fujian Gourmet ~ Chinese - Chinatown [CLOSED]

We were beside ourselves with excitement when we saw this joint open not so long ago. The menu has lots of interesting things we've never tried and it's super cheap. Plus Fujian is a region of China we've actually been to, queue the dream sequence music.


13 June 2013

The Chinese Stall With No Name at Chinatown Market

Chinatown's Friday night market is the most street food-y experience in Sydney. Nothing else comes close to capturing the vibe and tastes of an Asian night market. We've been trying one stall in particular that gets the food find chills multiplying (it's electrifying).

04 June 2013

The Street Food Guangzhou Royal Visit ~ Mamma's Making Canton

Last time we were in Guangzhou, the home of Cantonese cuisine, we felt we didn't get a good enough feed. So we went back a year or so later to see what we missed.