28 November 2011

24 November 2011

Top Choice Sizzling Hotpot ~ Chinese - Sussex Centre

There's kind of a 'North-South' thing going on in Sussex Centre Food Court. On the south side the hawkers yell at you as you walk past "Hello-Honey-Chicken-Fried-Rice!"

21 November 2011

17 November 2011

Yummy Thai ~ Sussex Centre Food Court ~ Chinatown

There's thirty-odd perfectly decent Thai joints near our home in the inner-burbs. So why would we walk all the way to Chinatown to eat Thai in a foodcourt? Because it's Yummy, mummy.

14 November 2011

Golden Fang ~ Chinese Malaysian - Chippendale

We hadn't been to Golden Fang for years until one of our readers suggested we try their lemongrass pork chop and cumin lamb. So we did. And went back twice. Thanks Sophie!


09 November 2011

Wooree BBQ ~ Korean - Sussex Centre Food Court [CLOSED]

Some years ago Wooree BBQ Korean in the Sussex Centre food court had a cult following, there was a hungry scrum at the counter at all hours of the day.


06 November 2011

Saigon BBQ ~ Vietnamese - Homebush West

Earlier in the day we were at a pokie club called Tradies Gymea, which sounds like a venereal disease caught on building sites, so we didn't eat there. Instead we end up at Homebush-West...

03 November 2011

02 November 2011

DY Sizzling Hotpot ~ Chinese - Central \ Broadway

Daylight savings is here and our beer-ological clocks kick in. Yikes. What is it about an extra hour of daylight that turns us into alchoes-in-training? We don't know. But we do know that DY Sizzling Hot Pot has the same magical beer-soaking properties as the kebab.