20 August 2015

PappaRich ~ Malaysian, Ultimo Broadway

The first time we saw a PappaRich restaurant was in Malaysia, in the heart of KL. We wondered who on earth would want to eat in that cheesy-chainstore-y looking place when we're surrounded by street stalls and wonderful hole in the wall restaurants like Hussain Bistro Curry House? Not us. And not anyone else really, it was near empty whenever we walked by.

18 August 2015

Supermarkets of mystery - Beksul Hotteok Mix ~ Korean

Korean street snacks don't get much sweeter and winter perfect than hotteok, a pancake filled with sugar and chopped nuts. When we saw a make at home box, we fired up the griddle and got flipping.

13 August 2015

Five Dollar Chinese Feeds at Jenny's and Eddies Food Vans, Paddy's Market in Chinatown

Attention students and tightwads: camouflaged in the jungle of pleather, plastic and polyester that is Paddy's Markets, lurks some of the best bargain feeds in Chinatown.

11 August 2015

King's Hot Bread ~ Hurstville - Vietnamese Pork Rolls

How many different type of Vietnamese bread roll fillings can you think of? We bet King's Hot Bread in Hurstville makes them all.

04 August 2015

Swanky Noodle Restaurant ~ Chinese, Parramatta

It's triple the swank for half the price with a lunch of Sichuan popcorn lamb chops at Parramatta's swankiest dining establishment, Swanky Noodle Restaurant.