27 November 2012

Mie Kocok Bandung ~ Indonesian - Maroubra

A couple of years ago we travelled through Java and couldn't make it to Bandung due to time constraints. How lucky are we that we can find a Bandung restaurant right here in Sydney?

24 November 2012

Sri Lanka Street Food Tour ~ Kandy

Out on the train and up to the hills we move from Colombo to Kandy to find out more about Sri Lankan food, giant lizards and sleeping dogs.

20 November 2012

Ipoh on York ~ Malaysian - City

Not every dish is a winner but overall Ipoh on York is a good option if you find yourself hungry for Malaysian in the city, a little north of Town Hall. It's worth a visit alone for the super cheery staff.

15 November 2012

Ramen Zundo ~ Japanese - World Square, City

Ramen Zundo in World Square is our new favourite ramen joint in the city,  recommended to all ramen fiends.


12 November 2012

Abie's Vegetarian & Sinthu Takeaway ~ Sri Lankan - Pendle Hill

After our recent trip to Sri Lanka we're on a mission to convince Australia that Sri Lankan vegetable curries are an artform.

07 November 2012

Sri Lanka Street Food Tour ~ Colombo

Alison nabs some impossibly cheap airfares so we take a cheeky 10 day trip to Sri Lanka. First stop is the capital, Colombo...

05 November 2012

Sri Lankan Food Bar ~ Homebush

A quick trip to Sri Lanka has left us obsessed with Sri Lankan street food. How lucky we are that we can find the real deal  in Sydney.

01 November 2012

X'ian Noodle House ~ Chinese - City\Chinatown

We explore another fine Xi'an joint in Sydney to appease our Chinese hamburger and cold noodle cravings.