29 October 2015

Broadway Noodle ~ Chinese - Ultimo

Sometimes nothing makes a better lunch than a spicy bowl of noodles. Even better when they have heat, pepper, chilli and pork mince. Enter Broadway Noodles, specialising in the xiao mian of Chongqing.

27 October 2015

Oriental Dumpling King ~ Chinese - Eating World, Chinatown

Dumplings are the current passion of the half-arsed Chinese restauranter. We've seen a bunch of Dumpling Kings and  Dumpling Houses open and fade away. These were pretty much Aussie-style Chinese restaurants with a few dumplings slapped amongst the banana fritters, cashing in on that dumpling fad that still lingers from a couple of years back. Because hey, even skinny white girls like dumplings. We wonder if the same people owned frozen yoghurt stores.

22 October 2015

B-Kyu Cooks ~ Pinoy ginisang veggies - Filipino recipe

After a few trial runs, we hit on an easy recipe for a classic Filipino veggie dish that is a meal on it's own or a side dish. Making use of fresh crisp green beans and a basic trio of onion, garlic and tomato, this is a dinner winner.

20 October 2015

Le Bintz ~ French - New Caledonia

Our first couple of meals on our recent trip to Noumea were good but we were hoping for some wow factor. We started wondering if we are overselling Noumea as a food-nerd destination. Then we find Le Bintz.

15 October 2015

B-Kyu Books ~ AWW Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook

Take a peek into Chinese cooking 1970s Australia style. The Australian Women's Weekly Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook holds more than just the usual suspects, with some surprising recipes and ingredients even for cooks today.

14 October 2015

Sizzling Fillo ~ Filipino - Lidcombe

A few years ago we walked past Sizzling Fillo and thought 'nah, too fancy for us'. How wrong (and stupid) were we?