05 September 2020

B-Kyu Newsletter - yes, we have one!

Pssst. Hey mate, we've started a newsletter. You know you want to subscribe.

We have started a newsletter, The Wonderful World of B-Kyu. Why from all the cockamamie, hare-brained ideas out there did we pick this one? We're not sure, but we wanted a space to talk about current articles, other writing we loved and generally talk about our food and travel obsessions in a different way.

It's currently a free newsletter, so get in now and subscribe and join the gang. Otherwise we'll send Fang around.

Subscribe here through Substack:


In each newsletter we search out articles for you the curious reader to broaden your eating adventures. We collect a broad menu of stories, blogs (including our own) or other media for you to digest, consume and hopefully, get out and feast on the wonderful world of food in Sydney and beyond. 

Go on. Do it. We're all doing it. Submit to peer pressure and subscribe.

(Hey, at least we didn't start a podcast!)

1 comment:

  1. Loving the newsletter, it's a weekly bundle of delicious reading that tingles in the mind and on the tongue. Great idea, and thanks for not making it a podcast!


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