30 September 2016

Oden House ~ Sussex Centre Food Court, Chinatown

Oh joy oh joyous of happy days, one of our favourite all time Taiwanese restos has moved into the Sussex Centre.


22 September 2016

Little Momo ~ Nepalese - Newtown

Momos are the dumpling kings of Nepalese food, distantly related to gyoza, mandoo and baozi. Little Momo in Newtown serves them up big and small, steamed or fried, meat or veg, sweet and savoury. Just how many you want to eat is up to you.

21 September 2016

Chiang Saen Street Food Fest - Thailand

With views across to Laos and a slower river town vibe, Chiang Saen for a few days floats our riverboat.

20 September 2016

T Noodle ~ Chinese - Haymarket / Chinatown

Chongqing noodle houses are cropping up everywhere in Chinatown. It seems like xian mian is the new noodle favourite, and we are big fans. T-Noodle in the Prince Centre is one of the latest batch cranking out these hot chilli and Sichuan pepper popping noodles.

10 September 2016

Supermarkets of mystery - Japanese granola sprinkle

A two for one special at Tokyo Mart got our ears up. Japanese granola sprinkles for rice seemed like a good idea and worth a bash. Sugar, pineapple, barley, oats and MSG for taste, mixed with rice or sprinkled on top, what could possibly be bad about that?