17 December 2012

Gone but not forgotten - Sydney food court and street food closures in 2012

Street Food salutes all the places lost to us in 2012. Just like the dead people bit in the Oscars, only with food.

11 December 2012

Hungry Bob K-Food ~ Korean - Dixon House, Chinatown

We love Hungry Bob K-Food. If only the masses would catch on to K-Food like they have K-Pop...


06 December 2012

Cafe Kasturi ~ Malaysian & Pan Asian - Chinatown [CLOSED]

At long last, Alison gives in to Mr Shawn's nagging and takes him to Cafe Kasturi for ayam rendang. Twice.


04 December 2012

Sedap Rasa Indonesian Restaurant ~ Kingsford

We take a reader's tip on Sedap Rasa, a new-ish Padang style Indonesian joint in Kingsford.

27 November 2012

Mie Kocok Bandung ~ Indonesian - Maroubra

A couple of years ago we travelled through Java and couldn't make it to Bandung due to time constraints. How lucky are we that we can find a Bandung restaurant right here in Sydney?

24 November 2012

Sri Lanka Street Food Tour ~ Kandy

Out on the train and up to the hills we move from Colombo to Kandy to find out more about Sri Lankan food, giant lizards and sleeping dogs.

20 November 2012

Ipoh on York ~ Malaysian - City

Not every dish is a winner but overall Ipoh on York is a good option if you find yourself hungry for Malaysian in the city, a little north of Town Hall. It's worth a visit alone for the super cheery staff.

15 November 2012

Ramen Zundo ~ Japanese - World Square, City

Ramen Zundo in World Square is our new favourite ramen joint in the city,  recommended to all ramen fiends.


12 November 2012

Abie's Vegetarian & Sinthu Takeaway ~ Sri Lankan - Pendle Hill

After our recent trip to Sri Lanka we're on a mission to convince Australia that Sri Lankan vegetable curries are an artform.

07 November 2012

Sri Lanka Street Food Tour ~ Colombo

Alison nabs some impossibly cheap airfares so we take a cheeky 10 day trip to Sri Lanka. First stop is the capital, Colombo...

05 November 2012

Sri Lankan Food Bar ~ Homebush

A quick trip to Sri Lanka has left us obsessed with Sri Lankan street food. How lucky we are that we can find the real deal  in Sydney.

01 November 2012

X'ian Noodle House ~ Chinese - City\Chinatown

We explore another fine Xi'an joint in Sydney to appease our Chinese hamburger and cold noodle cravings.

29 October 2012

Wing Shing ~ Chinese BBQ - Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

The ever changing Dixon House Food Court has a new BBQ joint. We do the duck and pork road test on it.


14 October 2012

A Public Service Announcement

We're on a blogging break until early November as we eat our way through Sri Lanka, with a stopover in Singapore for dessert.

Tai Wong Barbeque ~ Chinese - Haymarket

Few places in Sydney capture the experience of a backstreet Hong Kong BBQ joint like Tai Wong Barbeque in Campbell Street, Haymarket.

11 October 2012

Bo 7 Mon Thanh Tam ~ Vietnamese - Market City Food Court

A new Vietnamese stall opens up in the Market City Food Court, serving up old favourites and a few interesting treasures we've never tried before. Thumbs up.

04 October 2012

Yuan's BBQ Chinese Restaurant ~ Campsie

Yuan's BBQ Chinese Restaurant is the holiest of hole-in-the wall joints in Campsie.

02 October 2012

Jap's Table ~ Japanese - Darlington

Simple Japanese street food dishes in a simple setting. Yakitori Alley arrives in Redfern, all it needs is a few drunken salary men.


29 September 2012

Dragon Boy Japanese Noodle Bar ~ World Square, City

First Menya Mappen, then Hana Hana, now Dragon Boy. Is the Japanese noodle bar officially a craze?
[Last updated March 2013]

27 September 2012

Don Don Japanese Restaurant ~ Darlinghurst

Don Don is an authentically squishy little Japanese hole-in-the-wall joint in the super happy part of Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, popular with students and the poverty-jetset.

23 September 2012

Xian Kitchen ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court, Chinatown [CLOSED]

We find it utterly, stupendously, incomprehensibly wonderful that we can find so many regional Chinese cuisines in our fair city of Sydney. We'd never even heard about Xi'an food until we'd digested it in Chinatown. Now we're obsessed with it.


To the folks that ran this stall - man we loved loved loved your food - we will miss you!

16 September 2012

Sushi Nagashima ~ Japanese - Hunter Connection Food Court [CLOSED]

Sushi Nagashima is one of the finest treasures in Sydney's culinary underbelly,  the Tetsuya's of the food courts.

[CLOSED MAY 3 2013]

12 September 2012

Breakfast in Chinatown

We rarely get the chance, but when we do, we love to waddle into Chinatown for an Asian breakfast.

[Revised March 2015]

06 September 2012

Noumea Part 2/2 ~ Hail the Supermarche

In our last post on Noumea we talked about the joys of eating out. But Noumea's ultimate pleasure is eating in. In this little piece of France in the Pacific, self-catering is half the fun of the holiday.

02 September 2012

Albee's Kitchen ~ Malaysian - Campsie

Albee's Kitchen is pretty special in our books. Great food, authentically shabby, nice staff. Best Malaysian restaurant in Sydney? We reckon it is, this week anyway.

31 August 2012

Yi's Kitchen ~ Chinese - Hunter Connection Food Court, City

Having eaten our way through all of Chinatown's foodcourts, we journey to a distant land where only office workers dare tread: the Hunter Connection Food Court.

30 August 2012

Pho Sam Noodle House ~ Vietnamese - Epping

We find ourselves in Epping with time and tummy rumbles to kill. We sniff around both sides of the train line to find something sufficiently shabby for our discerning tastes.

26 August 2012

23 August 2012

17 August 2012

Noumea Part 1/2 ~ Snack-o-rama!

We explore the unique mashup  of French, Melanesian and Asian cuisines in New Caledonia

13 August 2012

Twisted Noodle Bar ~ Chinese - Chinatown

Twisted Noodle Bar is another case of "I've walked past here a zillion times and never thought to try it." But on a wintery afternoon the thought of a big hot bowl of noodle soup beckoned Mr Shawn off the street like a Scientologist with a clipboard.

11 August 2012

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Chowpatty Bhel

We tried Bhel recently at Tamanas in Newtown. As part of their range of Chaat, or street snacks, it was a new taste for us and one we want to explore more.

06 August 2012

Ramen Kan ~ Japanese - Chinatown

We wonder if half the fun of Ramen Kan in Chinatown is getting there. Heading up to the first floor through a dodgy entry and a battered old lift feels subversive, it's so secret Sydney. 

27 July 2012

Yok Yor Thai Food Factory ~ Thainatown / City South

Yok Yor is another of the handful of excellent Sydney Thai restaurants that cater for a mainly Thai crowd. We drop in for a quick bite, we like it so much we return nine more times. And there's still plenty of menu to explore.

20 July 2012

Kozy Korean Barbecue ~ City / Haymarket

You want food in laneways? Don't wait for the hipsters, get out and find yourself a back alley near George St and there will be a Korean joint already waiting for you.

19 July 2012

It's Hip to Be Square - Box Hill, Melbourne

With a whole spare day in glorious Melbourne to do absolutely whatever he wants, Mr Shawn heads for the boondocks of Box Hill.

16 July 2012

Thai Time Express ~ Broadway Food Court [Closed]

If you're in Broadway and after a quick, cheap Thai feed with a difference than Thai Time Express is worth a shot. 


12 July 2012

Time Machine Blogging

Alison takes a trip down memory lane after finding a stack of old photos and discovers the street food obsession goes long and deep.

03 July 2012

Japanese Cooking With Dog ~ It's Not What You Think

A quick plug for our current favourite Youtube show, Cookingwithdog, hosted by Frances the poodle.  It combines three of our favourite things: dogs, Japanese food and tops Japanese ladies.  Recipes are easy to follow and Frances' narration is Zen-like calming...

28 June 2012

21 June 2012

Mithu's Restaurant ~ Sri lankan & Indian - Homebush West

We begin stomach preparations for our Sri Lanka trip later this year at Mithu's Restaurant in Homebush West \ Flemington.

16 June 2012

Kuala Lumpur Tour Day 7 ~ Islands in the Stream

On our last day we do a lap of some favourites and seek an audience with the king of the roasters, Kenny.

13 June 2012

Caysorn Thai ~ Chinatown

Caysorn does Thai food for Thai folks, and everyone else. Highly recommended for southern Thai specialities and some great desserts.

11 June 2012

Iraqi Kabab ~ Auburn

We set off to have Filipino food for lunch and end up having Iraqi kebabs instead. Love this city.