28 May 2015

My Duo Pie ~ Chinese - Ultimo

My Duo Pie opened out of the renovated Chubby Girlz Bunz Shop, got rid of the entry to the massage parlour out the back and opened with more tables and more goodness to try.

27 May 2015

My Delight Traditional Indonesian Kitchen, Mascot

We waddle over to Mascot to try the newly relocated ATL (Indonesian deep fried soft bone chicken) and get sidetracked when we find a new Indonesian joint, My Delight. Joy!

21 May 2015

Paris ~ Noob Adventures in Bistronomy

Folks say we're mad for staying in Paris for a month without trying some serious Michelin star type restaurants. Maybe we are. To be honest, we were just too stuffed full of glorious wonders from local shops, markets and bistros to squander big cash on food we wouldn't understand. What did interest us was bistronomy, affordable and casual French, bistro food taken up a notch.

19 May 2015

Lao Hui Min Hand Made Ramen Restaurant ~ Chinese - Burwood

We asked the waiter which part of China the food came from. We wanted him to say it was Uygher food, because the folks in the kitchen wear headscarfs and hats that seem to be from the very north west of China. All the signs were there...

14 May 2015

Hawker Malaysian Street Food ~ City/Chinatown Fringe

We waited a while for the queues to mellow before trying Hawker, the Chinese Malaysian street food themed spinoff of Mamak, one of Sydney's most queued-for restaurants. Well that's not quite true. Shawn had only heard of Hawker months after it opened, blame his anti-social media tendencies. Alison knew about Hawker all along but refuses to queue, it just ain't b-kyu.

08 May 2015

Supermarkets of Mystery: Spicy Chakalaka ~ South African

Boom chakalaka, chakalaka boom boom. South African vegetable relish chakalaka gets added to anything and everything in the B-Kyu Kitchen.

05 May 2015

Granny's Noodle ~ Chinese - Burwood

Granny's Noodle in Burwood is one of the newer style of noodle houses popping up around Sydney, all shiny and squeaky with a touch of cutesy.