30 May 2011

Fine Modern Australian Cuisine at Henson On The Park

Folks are always asking us to do more on Australian food, well is there anything more Strayan than KB Lager and a pie at the footy?

25 May 2011

22 May 2011

Uighur Cuisine ~ Chinese - Chinatown

With our obsession for discovering new places to eat, we sometimes find it hard to fit in old favourites, but we're always glad when we do. Case in point is Uighur Cuisine in Chinatown.

19 May 2011

Epic Yum Cha ~ Cantonese Dumplings - Broadway [CLOSED]

Is Epic Yum Cha more epic than Gone with the Wind? Bigger than Ben Hur? More fantastic that than Final Fantasy? Weightier than War and Peace? [CLOSED - AUGUST 2011]

16 May 2011

Tim's BBQ Kitchen ~ Hong Kong Chinese - Hornsby

BBQ and Buddhism aren't two things that normally go hand in hand, but in Hornsby we dabble in both.

15 May 2011

Pondok Satay 888 ~ Indonesian - Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

Our 'weekend in Indonesia' continues in Yogyakarta via Dixon House Food Court with three visits to Pondok Satay 888. [SADLY CLOSED - MAY 2012]

11 May 2011

Wah Fung BBQ Restaurant ~ Chinese - Redfern

A quick duck feast at Wah Fung BBQ, a little local legend in Redfern.


10 May 2011

Hung Cheung ~ Chinese - Marrickville

More yum than just yum cha, and more meat than just seafood, Hung Cheung is an instant old favourite local Chinese.

06 May 2011

Let's Eat ~ Thai - Marrickville

We feel the Thai urge calling and check out a newer Thai player in the Marrickville Vietnamese enclave.

04 May 2011

Oriental Dumpling King ~ North Chinese - Dixon House Food Court Chinatown

Our Dixon House food court obsession continues with a visit to Oriental Dumpling King for Chinese hamburger, Chinese rissoles and dumplings.


02 May 2011

Perfect Sichuan Style Cuisine ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

Is the 'Perfect Sichuan Style Cuisine' stall in Dixon House food court really perfect? Or merely the best in the universe? [CLOSED - FEBRUARY 2012]