17 December 2015

Gone but not forgotten 2015 ~ our annual list of food casualties in Sydney and beyond

Who didn't make it through another year of food in 2015? It's our annual reminder of the places we have known and loved, or never quite got to taste.

10 December 2015

Wide Alley ~ Spicy Chinese - Sussex Centre Food Court, Chinatown

We get a wide on for Wide Alley, the spicy new Chinese stall in Chinatown's imperial Sussex Centre Food Court.

[Updated August 2017]

08 December 2015

03 December 2015

01 December 2015

Co V Tastes of Taiwan ~ Taiwanese - Glebe

Why is the best Taiwanese food so brown? From beef noodle soup to three cup chicken, its the food colour favourite of many classic Taiwanese dishes.

26 November 2015

24 November 2015

Le Relais de la Vallée - French - Noumea, New Caledonia

Le Relais de la Vallée is Noumea's top restaurant if you're in the mood for seriously rich French cream sauces and seriously friendly service.

B-Kyu Cooks - Oven Baked Sichuan Chicken Carcass

Invite your friends over for a feast of Sichuan baked chicken carcass. Really. They'll still be your friends, trust us.

22 November 2015

News: Some new openings in Chinatown Food Courts

Fans of Chinatown's most glorious food courts will be joyously  flappity-flappity happy to know there's some new stalls to try.

19 November 2015

Supermarkets of mystery - Korean ice creams

Korean ice creams, creamy milk confections encased in wafer coatings or twists of fruit ice are one of our favourite ways to end a food court meal outing or just about any meal. When the weather heats up to scorchio, seek them out.

17 November 2015

Spicy Sichuan Restaurant ~ Hurstville

An acute craving for chilli and Sichuan pepper drives us down to Hurstville to satisfy the need. Spicy Sichuan does what its name says, leaving Shawn with a chilli sweat gloss to be proud of.

13 November 2015

Noumea ~ Tountua Airport, Air Calin and getting to Noumea by public bus

Flying in and out of Noumea doesn't take long as a quick trip from Sydney or Brisbane. Here's a few airport tips for arriving and departing and a run down on flying Aircalin.

05 November 2015

Happy's Restaurant ~ Chinese Meals, Canberra

Salt, pepper and Tsingtao at Happy's Restaurant, a Canberra eating institution feeding our nation's leaders since 1962.

03 November 2015

The Old Fellow ~ Chinese, Rhodes

We try The Old Fellow in Rhodes, partly for the fnarr-fnarr name, but mostly for the menu.

02 November 2015

29 October 2015

Broadway Noodle ~ Chinese - Ultimo

Sometimes nothing makes a better lunch than a spicy bowl of noodles. Even better when they have heat, pepper, chilli and pork mince. Enter Broadway Noodles, specialising in the xiao mian of Chongqing.

27 October 2015

Oriental Dumpling King ~ Chinese - Eating World, Chinatown

Dumplings are the current passion of the half-arsed Chinese restauranter. We've seen a bunch of Dumpling Kings and  Dumpling Houses open and fade away. These were pretty much Aussie-style Chinese restaurants with a few dumplings slapped amongst the banana fritters, cashing in on that dumpling fad that still lingers from a couple of years back. Because hey, even skinny white girls like dumplings. We wonder if the same people owned frozen yoghurt stores.

22 October 2015

B-Kyu Cooks ~ Pinoy ginisang veggies - Filipino recipe

After a few trial runs, we hit on an easy recipe for a classic Filipino veggie dish that is a meal on it's own or a side dish. Making use of fresh crisp green beans and a basic trio of onion, garlic and tomato, this is a dinner winner.

20 October 2015

Le Bintz ~ French - New Caledonia

Our first couple of meals on our recent trip to Noumea were good but we were hoping for some wow factor. We started wondering if we are overselling Noumea as a food-nerd destination. Then we find Le Bintz.

15 October 2015

B-Kyu Books ~ AWW Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook

Take a peek into Chinese cooking 1970s Australia style. The Australian Women's Weekly Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook holds more than just the usual suspects, with some surprising recipes and ingredients even for cooks today.

14 October 2015

Sizzling Fillo ~ Filipino - Lidcombe

A few years ago we walked past Sizzling Fillo and thought 'nah, too fancy for us'. How wrong (and stupid) were we?

29 September 2015

Formosa Gourmet ~ Taiwanese - Sussex Centre Food Court, Chinatown [CLOSED]

A little ripper of a Taiwanese stall opens in the Sussex Centre Food Court. Formosa Gourmet picks up all the good bits of Taiwanese economy rice style eating, just how we like it. [CLOSED]

25 September 2015

Sashimi Tucker Tuna Filleting Event ~ Hunter Connection Food Court - Sydney CBD

A whole 40kg tuna getting filleted and served up as fresh sashimi and hand rolls? This ain't Tsukiji Fish Markets baby, this is in a Sydney food court!

24 September 2015

Bollywood Mirch Masala ~ Indian - Surry Hills

The fashionable hubble bubble of Surry Hills hides an Indian diner with a Bollywood bent.

21 September 2015

R-A-D-I-O ~ B-Kyu on 2SER!

Who listens to the radio? We do! Not only that, we love to talk about food and the wonderful world of b-kyu eating on 2SER.

15 September 2015

L'Astrolabe ~ French - Noumea, New Caledonia

We embark on a week of French lunching in Noumea, starting with Astrolabe, in the bikini clad Baie des Citrons.

08 September 2015

Shandeez Restaurant ~ Persian - Fairfield

What is it about Persian culture? We're novices on the subject, all we know is that every Persian restaurant in Sydney is run by super lovely folks and full of super cheery customers that make you feel welcome. Match that with lamb, the fluffiest rice on the planet, flat breads and salad, what's not to like?

03 September 2015

$3.90 lunch at Oiden ~ Japanese - City\Chinatown Fringe

We've been hitting Oiden lately on those days when we're just a little bit hungry, those $3.90 bowls are perfect when you feel like a healthy-ish snack sized feed.

01 September 2015

Enjoy Mie ~ Indonesian Noodles - Kensington

We love the Chinese sub-genre of Indonesian food, chicken noodles in particular. So when we get a bunch of reader recommendations for Enjoy Mie in Kensington, we're on it.

20 August 2015

PappaRich ~ Malaysian, Ultimo Broadway

The first time we saw a PappaRich restaurant was in Malaysia, in the heart of KL. We wondered who on earth would want to eat in that cheesy-chainstore-y looking place when we're surrounded by street stalls and wonderful hole in the wall restaurants like Hussain Bistro Curry House? Not us. And not anyone else really, it was near empty whenever we walked by.

18 August 2015

Supermarkets of mystery - Beksul Hotteok Mix ~ Korean

Korean street snacks don't get much sweeter and winter perfect than hotteok, a pancake filled with sugar and chopped nuts. When we saw a make at home box, we fired up the griddle and got flipping.

13 August 2015

Five Dollar Chinese Feeds at Jenny's and Eddies Food Vans, Paddy's Market in Chinatown

Attention students and tightwads: camouflaged in the jungle of pleather, plastic and polyester that is Paddy's Markets, lurks some of the best bargain feeds in Chinatown.

11 August 2015

King's Hot Bread ~ Hurstville - Vietnamese Pork Rolls

How many different type of Vietnamese bread roll fillings can you think of? We bet King's Hot Bread in Hurstville makes them all.

04 August 2015

Swanky Noodle Restaurant ~ Chinese, Parramatta

It's triple the swank for half the price with a lunch of Sichuan popcorn lamb chops at Parramatta's swankiest dining establishment, Swanky Noodle Restaurant.

28 July 2015

Kiroran Silk Road Uygur Restaurant ~ Chinese \ Central Asian

Where do you feed a party made up of a gluten intolerant gym junkie, a bullshit intolerant diabetic, a pork intolerant student who really just wants chips, and two pretentious ethno food nerds? Oh, and it's got to be cheap and filling, there's some big eaters amongst us.

23 July 2015

Jinweigu Food ~ Chinese - Campsie

We make cartoon eyeballs and honking sounds when we spot Jinweigu Food on Beamish Street in Campsie.

21 July 2015

A B-Kyu Week in Manila Part 3/4 - Reality vs Hipsters vs Jollibee

As we leave the sanitised world of Rockwell down a mystery alley we felt like we were heading out of bounds, like Jim Carey hitting the edge of the world in the Truman Show.

16 July 2015

Pasalubong Oriental Foodmart ~ Mascot - Filipino

Pasalubong Oriental Foodmart has been trucking out Filipino groceries for some time. It's these small places that hide the good stuff, let it be hidden no more.

09 July 2015

Dear Cafe ~ Vietnamese - Newtown

At the top of King St, Vietnamese joint Dear Cafe is fighting against the Thai cheap and cheerful dominance of Newtown.

03 July 2015

Diamond Cafe ~ Taiwanese - Hurstville

Diamond Cafe in Hurstville is a buzzy little hole-in-the-wall joint with an extensive menu of Taiwanese street classics and homely staples.

30 June 2015

Malatang ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court

Malatang in Dixon House Food Court is our new favourite place in Chinatown. Grab a shiny bowl and tongs for a choose your own soup adventure.