14 February 2021

Valentine's Day Romance at Philly-Up Tempe

It's a beautiful evening in the 'hood so we head down the Princess Highway for some Valentine's Day adventures at Philly-Up.

30 December 2020

Gone but not forgotten 2020 - our annual round up of farewells in the year

This year we've been dreading writing this list of places closed over 2020. While it feels like the last thing you want to read, we feel it is important to reflect and remember on what has passed over the food retail rainbow. 

24 December 2020

20 December 2020

Satuco ~ Indonesian, Campsie Centre Shopping Mall

Ah, an Indonesian stall in a shopping centre food court, now that something we'd like to see Australia-wide.  We'd much rather get a bakmi ayam than a McBurger after a trip to Big W.

23 October 2020

Mogu Mogu ~ Japanese - Chinatown

In our eternal search for hole-in-the-wall restos with outdoor seating we discover that Japanese sweetie shop Mogu Mogu on George Street has a donburi (stuff on rice) menu. Happy happy!

15 October 2020

Galbi Korean Charcoal BBQ, Waterloo

Galbi in Waterloo has been one of our little saviours during the zombie apocalypse - outdoor seating, purdy bonsai garden and healthy delicious food. 

11 October 2020

Everest BBQ ~ Nepalese, Rockdale

It's not hard to find a Nepalese restaurant in Rockdale these days, there seems to be a momo joint on every corner. But the smokey siren call of Everest BBQ gets us in, smack bang outside the railway station.

04 October 2020

C-Side Function Centre & Kiosk - Greek Fish 'n' Chips, Kyeemagh

Seek out the pointed spire along General Holmes Drive for a taste of the Greek isles mixed with fish 'n' chip shop classics.

30 September 2020

Killiney Kopitiam - Singaporean ~ Central Park, Chippendale

A small bite of Singapore sits inside the lower levels of Central Park. Mee rebus, soft googies, sock coffee and kaya toast await at Killiney Kopitiam

25 September 2020

Yummy Noodle & BBQ ~ Chinese, Chinatown

Our favourite spicy noodle soups in Chinatown right now are at Yummy Noodle & BBQ in Chinatown.

15 September 2020

10 September 2020

Superbowl Rides Again!

The very much loved iconic Superbowl in Dixon Street Mall shut its doors during the zombie apolcalypse, news that even made the  hoighty toighty pages of Gourmet Traveller.  Along with the recent closure of BBQ King and the long-gone glory of Supermeal, we were beginning to think Chinatown's wonderful old school Cantonese restos were just a Tsingtao soaked memory.

05 September 2020

23 August 2020

Xi'an Cuisine ~ Chinese, Haymarket/Chinatown

Our quest to find outdoor dining with b-kyu street-cred during the zombie invasion brings us back  to Xi'an Cuisine on Hay Street, one of Chinatown's golden great hole-in-the wall restos.

12 August 2020

B-Kyu Armchair Travels - Melaka, Malaysia

We made it to Melaka for New Years Eve, where the pussycats sleep in tangles, musical Hello Kitty rickshaws rule the streets and we find the remains of great civic building projects, both good and bad, old and new.

04 August 2020

Shalom - Indonesian, Mascot Central

The new bit of Mascot around the train station is just getting better and better food-wise. And it just got closer!

29 July 2020

Cho Express A Taste of Taiwan ~ Zetland

There was an excellent-but-sad article on the struggles of Sydney's Chinatown in Gourmet Traveller last week. On top of the mentioned zombie invasion woes, Chinatown now also competes with surrounding suburbs for bums on seats.

01 July 2020

16 June 2020

The Peach Chinese Noodle Bar ~ Mascot

We're over the moon to see restaurants reopen after lockdown, though we're still a bit coronanoid thus sticking to restos we can sit outside, like The Peach Noodle Bar in Mascot.

08 June 2020

Kurumac - Takeaway version ~ Japanese - Marrickville

We continue our eating / walking / takeaway series with bento lunch from Kurumac in Marrickville.

22 May 2020

Sharon Kwan Kitchen ~ Malaysian, Petersham

Is it a caterer? Is it a takeaway? Is it a restaurant? It's Sharon Kwan Kitchen, and she is everything.

16 April 2020

Sydney Cebu Lechon ~ Filipino, Enmore

Another of our pre lockdown meals , this time at Sydney Cebu Lechon on Enmore Road. Oh, dining out, how we miss you!

07 April 2020

Bon Japanese Restaurant ~ Canterbury

A worthy final meal out before the zombie invasion at Bon Japanese in Canterbury. Turns out to be final in many ways.