29 August 2013

Lao City Thai ~ Chinatown

We take a food lovers mystery challenge and order everything we can't understand on the menu at Lao City Thai. We win big time.

Ajisai Japanese Sushi Bar ~ Sussex Centre Food Court - Chinatown

It's great to see a straight-up sushi bar open in a Chinatown food court. The sushi is only $1 per piece, and we're not just talking your regular old California roll, there's some pretty fancy pants one buck sushi.

27 August 2013

Master Bowl Chinese Restaurant ~ Chinatown

We fight the queues and get a feed or three at the very popular Master Bowl Chinese Restaurant, Dixon Street Chinatown.

14 August 2013

Street Food is On Holiday - Japan here we come!

We won't be posting for a couple of weeks as we're off to Sapporo and Tokyo to check out the summer eaties in Japan. Sayonara!

13 August 2013

Mother Thai ~ Dixon House Food Court - Chinatown [CLOSED]

Mother Thai is a new opening in the ever changing Dixon House Food Court, with the usual Thai fare and a few surprises.

12 August 2013

Street Food on 2SER Breakfast with Tim Higgins

Alison has the pleasure of getting up early on a Monday morning and talking with Tim Higgins about all things street food on 2SER. Shawn is content to get an extra half hour sleep.

08 August 2013

Veggie Patch Food Truck ~ Hippie Food - Sydney

 Veggie Patch Van food truck makes hanging out in the park on a winter sunny day a worthwhile lunchtime adventure.

06 August 2013

Hakata Maru Ramen ~ Japanese - Market City Chinatown

Market City joins the list of food courts with a new ramen joint, Hakata-Maru, expanding the list of different styles of ramen available in Chinatown.

03 August 2013

Chang Chun Restaurant ~ Chinese - Ultimo

Chang Chun Restaurant is essential eating for all fellow Chinaphiles. Get in quick, you never know how long a gem like this will last.