30 April 2011

Hu Tieu Thanh Van ~ Vietnamese - Bankstown

Streetfood adventures into Bankstown and Vietnamese wins the coin toss for cuisine du jour.

Ramen Bar at Berkelouw Books ~ Japanese - Newtown [CLOSED]

Intriguing Japanese ramen with a Swedish twist at the new Berkelouw Books Ramen Bar in Newtown. [CLOSED - LATE 2011]

26 April 2011

MH ~ Hong Kong Chinese - Chinatown

Hong Kong style Chinese BBQ, noodles and soups with the added goodness of touchscreen ordering at MH in Chinatown.

25 April 2011

22 April 2011

Pastizzi Cafe Newtown Hijacked!

Staff of the Newtown's Pastizzi Cafe claim the much loved Maltese eatery has been hijacked by means of legal shenanigans and request your solidarity. UPDATE - it appears the original owners are back after a court battle - http://inner-west-courier.whereilive.com.au/news/story/lockout-cafe-gets-back-in-business/

Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet ~ Chinatown

Carb-o-licious comfort food at Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet in Chinatown.


20 April 2011

Thai & Lao Sausages from T&M Meats - Marrickville

Forget your regular Bunnings sausage sizzle and try these Thai and Lao style snags at your next BBQ.

It's crunch time ~ Munching down on crispy crunchy delights

For the last year, I've been labouring with a food lovers nightmare - I have braces on my teeth! Yes folks, all those tasty treats we've been chowing down on in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and around Sydney, I've done it with rows of serious metal across my fangs.

17 April 2011

16 April 2011

Makan@Alice's ~ Malaysian - Thornleigh

There's gold in them thar hills - roti canai, har mee and nasi lemak at Makan@Alices Malaysian in Thornleigh. [CLOSED JUNE 2012 - now open in HBSC Food Court in the city]

12 April 2011

Alex Kitchen ~ Hong Kong Cafe \ Chinese Western Food - Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

Hong Kong cafe food with an Aussie twist at the new-ish Alex Kitchen stall in Dixon House Food Court. (PS this is now closed - 28/7/2011)

11 April 2011

10 April 2011

Kambozza Restaurant ~ Burmese and Sushi - Parramatta [CLOSED]

And now for something complete different, Kambozza Burmese in Parramatta for tea leaf salad, Burmese pie floater, fish tomato rice, fried rosella leaves, noodle soup and sweeties.


06 April 2011

Lao Village ~ Lao & Thai - Fairfield

Fried quail, raw beef salad and beef ball soup; washed down with egg soda at Lao Village in far flung Fairfield.

Frank's Restaurant ~ Lebanese - Fairfield

Lebanese where Lebanese folks eat (and everybody else!) in Fairfield.

04 April 2011

Pondok Selera ~ Indonesian - Dixon House Food Court - Chinatown

We hit upon a perfect combo of Indo dishes at Pondok Selera in Dixon House Food Court - sweet sate sticks, spicy bbq fish in banana leaves and a cleansing, refreshing oxtail soup.


Thai Street Food Tour ~ 24 Hours of Eating in Trang, Southern Thailand

24 Hours in Trang, Southern Thailand - Changovers, crispy pork, banana roti, angry dogs and more.

01 April 2011

Taiwanese Stall of Mystery ~ Dixon House Food Court ~ Chinatown [CLOSED]

We bravely venture to the far, far East of the Dixon House Food Court for the Taiwanese stall of mystery.

[Closed early 2013 - these folks now operate the excellent Taiwan Yes on George Street].