31 May 2013

Only The Best - Lesley Tay - Singaporean Street Food guide book

If you are a fan of the Singapore blog I Eat I Shoot I Post then you will well know the work of doctor come blogger Leslie Tay. He is also responsible for the previous excellent book on Singapore hawker food and history The End of Char Kway Teow. His new book Only the Best guides you through Singapore's feast of street food options.

30 May 2013

New Hong Kong Cafe ~ Dixon Street Chinatown

Perched high above Dixon street is a whole new world of luncheon meat sandwiches. Welcome to the New Hong Kong Cafe.

28 May 2013

Just Pho or Pho LV ~ Vietnamese - City

We're not 100% sure what this place is actually called. The signage says "Just Pho" and the menu says "Pho LV". If we had any shred of journalistic integrity we'd probably ask.

23 May 2013

El Amigo ~ Peruvian - Forest Lodge

The slogan at the top of the menu for El Amigo Peruvian is Mi Casa Es Tu Casa (my house is your house). If this really was our home we'd never go out to eat.

21 May 2013

Kura III ~ Japanese - Dixon St - Chinatown

The Kura Japanese restaurants in Chinatown have become some of our faves for our much beloved B-kyu cuisine.

16 May 2013

Fast Pho ~ Vietnamese - Ultimo

Fast Pho lives up to its name, offering speedy and tasty Vietnamese dishes to starving students and Ultimo workers.

14 May 2013

Dish of the Month - Steam Pork Belly from Xian Kitchen, Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

We thought we'd try highlighting some of our favourite finds that sometimes get buried amongst our posts. Our very first dish of the month is steamed pork belly from Xi'an Kitchen in Dixon House, Chinatown. 


09 May 2013

Bankstown Lebanese Restaurant

Bankstown Lebanese Restaurant: the name says it all. It's in Bankstown. It's Lebanese. And it's a restaurant.

07 May 2013

Manna Healthy Way ~ Korean - Hunter Connection Food Court, City

If you find yourself in the Hunter Connection food court around 11.30am, we'd like to know who your spiritual guru is. We'd also ask you to check out the spread at Manna Healthy Way. It is so bright and colourful and fresh you just want to dive in.

Sushi Nagashima Closes...

It is time for a minute's silence. Sydney's finest, most wonderful, most Japanese eating experience, the Tetsuya's of the Food Courts, Sushi Nagashima, has announced it has closed it's doors.

05 May 2013

Hotwheels Burgers Broadway ~ Imaginary Americana [CLOSED]

The information superhighway is a tough old road. Hotwheels Burgers on Broadway has managed to get negative web reviews before flipping it's first pattie.

[Opened June 2013, Closed March 2014]

02 May 2013

Sydney Foodie Station ~ Eating World Food Court - Chinatown

When possible we like to visit a joint as many times as there are interesting goodies on the menu. At Eating World's Sydney Foodie Station we try 14 dishes, and we're still not finished...