28 January 2016

Yummy Nest ~ Chinese, Ashfield

The humble Formica table restaurant is a rare breed in Sydney these days, but some fine specimens are still around, like Yummy Nest in Ashfield.

26 January 2016

23 January 2016

Uncle Tan's Singapore Kitchen ~ Sussex Centre Food Court, Chinatown [CLOSED]

After a few visits we've come to really appreciate Uncle Tan's Singapore Kitchen. There's some Indian and Malay notes to the cooking that we really like, it's kinda unique for Sydney. [CLOSED FEB 2016]

19 January 2016

Not Food Blogging in Japan ~ Osaka and Kyoto

We've been to Osaka a few times now, so on this short trip we decide not do the the food blogging thing, to have a blog free holiday. So we blogged about it.

13 January 2016

Easy Balcony Herb Gardening Using Autopots

We decide to grow a little herb garden our balcony, and by jingo it actually worked. Our brown fingers turned a little green with the help of a gravity fed self watering system - Australian invented Autopots.

12 January 2016

The Seasiders Restaurant ~ Chinese, Burwood

We're just back from three weeks in Thailand and we're aching for a serious Chinese feed. A reader told us about The Seasiders Restaurant in Burwood saying it was pretty seriously Chinese, a student favourite, so we give it a whirl.

06 January 2016

Cheese and Mince pies, Penang noodles and Marmite chips in Wellington, New Zealand

Alison has a whistle stop trip to Wellington and discovers cheese and mince pies are the secret delicacy no one wants to talk about.