31 August 2016

Papaya Grill ~ Lao - Marrickville

While a revision of the Illawarra Rd strip in Marrickville is attracting all the attention, Papaya Grill has been quietly serving up Lao food with an unexpected punch and bang.

30 August 2016

Eating Chiang Rai ~ Thailand

Chiang Rai, the northern Thai town not yet too big for its boots. We slingshot in and out, taking in some of the small town but big flavours this place has to offer.

18 August 2016

Lina's Kusina Cafe ~ Filipino - Glebe

Lina's Kusina Cafe in Glebe is great place to dip your toe into Filipino cuisine. They have a modern easy-eating style of cooking and super friendly service. And if you're dragging along non-adventurous eaters there's also western style sandwiches and stuff, though try to talk them into the Chicken inihaw, they can even have it with chips.

13 August 2016

Eating Tha Ton ~ Thailand

A night, a frisky labrador and a few feeds in the riverside town of Tha Ton, Northern Thailand.

12 August 2016

Allan's Cake Hot Bread ~ Bakery - Newtown

Hot Bread shops like this are fast disappearing in the inner west and across Sydney as buildings get renovated and tastes change or owners move on. Allans Cake Hot Bread is still serving up their cake goodness and pork rolls to all and sundry in Newtown and Enmore.