29 October 2018

Hanh Phuc Vegetarian Restaurant ~ Vietnamese - Surry Hills

Hanh Phuc used to be naughty. Once it was The Naughty Chef, an all singing and dancing meat happy pho and stir fry joint. Those folks have shifted operations over to a stall in a Martin Place food court and branched out into banh mi, keeping this place to operate as vegetarian. May the cows sing and dance in celebration!

28 October 2018

Dunhuang Lou Restaurant ~ Chinese - George Street City\Chinatown

Just when we thought Lanzhou beef noodle soup was gone and forgotten in Sydney, we get 1919 in Ashfield, and now Dunhuang Lou in Chinatown. Oh my giddy auntie.

17 October 2018

1919 Lanzhou Beef Noodle ~ Chinese, Ashfield

Lanzhou beef noodle is one of most treasured of all Chinese noodle soups. It's a magic mix of gentle, subtle, soothing broth, and chumpy noodles handmade just minutes ago.

12 October 2018

The Secret Alley ~ Taiwanese - Chinatown

A pick'n'mix of small plates at The Secret Alley in Chinatown draws across all our favourite dishes from Taiwan in a neat table top filling way. We stopped at about 10 dishes between the two of us, with plenty more to return for.

09 October 2018

Dapoer Shalom ~ Indonesian, Mascot

Botany Rd in Mascot has a small Indo food scene happening with a number of new stores opening recently. We go for the ayam bakar and we end up falling for the short ribs.