30 March 2011

Chat Thai ~ Haymarket

Being grumpy old farts we often neglect the popular restaurants in favour of the obscure. But tonight we finally discover why everybody has been raving about Chat Thai for the last twenty years.

27 March 2011

Sun Ming Coffee Lounge ~ Hong Kong Chinese - Hurstville

Luncheon meat sandwiches, baked spaghetti, noodle soup and lemon tea at Sun Ming Coffee Lounge, Forest Road Hurstville...

26 March 2011

24 March 2011

Thailand Street Food Tour ~ Krabi Town

On day two of our Thai street food tour we hit Krabi Town for boat noodle soup, kanom jin, crunchy mussels, a sensationally simple breakfast, and a halal Thai lunch.

21 March 2011

BBQ City ~ Chinese ~ Gouger Street, Adelaide

We're stuffed after a whole weekend in Adelaide eating Chinese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Almost stuffed. We have a light farewell lunch of fried rice and duck congee at BBQ City on Gouger Street.

Thailand Street Food Tour ~ Phuket Town

Alison nabs some cheap flights to Phuket in Southern Thailand so we take a quick one week break. Our inital thought was to grab a flight up to Chang Mai for famous northern specialites, but Google tells us that the Andaman Coast is food heaven.

20 March 2011

Kammadhenu ~ Sri Lankan / Malaysian / South Indian - Newtown

We've been chowing down at Kammadhenu for years and always walk away happy, if not amazed. Today we hook into roti canai, aloo parata, and good old Maggi noodles.

09 March 2011

Kaki Lima ~ Malaysian - Kingsford [CLOSED]

Kaki Lima isn't the capital of Peru when the garbos are on strike, it's one of our all time favourite Malaysian restaurants in Sydney. [KAKI LIMA CAFE IN KINGSFORD HAS CLOSED - BUT KAKI LIMA RESTAURANT IS STILL OPEN AT 3/228-230 ANZAC PARADE  KENSINGTON)

08 March 2011

02 March 2011

01 March 2011

Noodle Kingdom ~ North Chinese - Adelaide Chinatown

With over 100 amazing dishes on the menu, Adelaide's Noodle Kingdom is like the Magic Kingdom for food nerds.

Ying Chow Chinese Restaurant ~ Adelaide

We stumble upon what seems to be an Adelaide local institution: Ying Chow Chinese Restaurant, and discover that BBC and E-shand is edible. Very edible.

A Street Food Tour of Adelaide's Chinatown Food Courts

Adelaide has a great Chinatown, it's not big but the offerings are diverse and it's very popular at night, with a couple of joints open till the wee hours. In this post we explore the food courts.