25 April 2010

24 April 2010

Pondok Buyung Review ~ Indonesian - Anzac Parade Kensington

The best Nasi Padang in Sydney, as close as you can get to eating in Sumatra.

UPDATE: Pondok Buyung has moved a few doors south to 140 Anzac Parade, see new post here

11 April 2010

06 April 2010

Wooree BBQ Korean & Ginseng Plus Review ~ Sussex Centre Food Court Chinatown

We believe dodginess is next to godliness when it comes to finding good street food. Sussex Centre is the least dodgey of the Chinatown Food Courts, but we love it anyway…

04 April 2010

Legendary Travel Food Find ~ Powdered Japanese Green Tea

Matcha Japanese green tea powder is cocaine for health nuts.

Marrickville Quality Cakes ~ Greek Bakery - Marrickville Road [CLOSED]

A wonderful old school Greek bakery on the endangered list, enjoy it while you can.

[CLOSED - 2015 - WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!]

Mr Chao BBQ Bar Review ~ Chinese - Marrickville Road Marrickville [CLOSED]

Chinese roast duck is food porn. We are so addicted to the stuff we have to limit our intake. Easier said than done when we have Mr Chao BBQ Bar in Marrickville within walking distance of home. [CLOSED - 2011]