27 March 2014

Krispy Roll ~ Vietnamese Pork Rolls - Haymarket

A tiny store in the back streets of Haymarket offers one of the cheapest pork rolls in the CBD. Cheapskates rejoice!


20 March 2014

Happy Snack Cafe House ~ Vietnamese - Homebush West \ Flemington

You want pho? Then don't come here. You want a spicy beef stew with meltingly soft carrots you can dunk with bread? This is the place.

18 March 2014

Taiwan Street Food Tour ~ Let's Taipei! Part 1

The one place we hear about over and over for street food heaven is Taiwan, so we head there over December for three weeks of  feasting. First stop, Taipei, where we learn that after years of travelling we can still make mistakes.

13 March 2014

Grape Garden Beijin Cuisine ~ Chinese - Chatswood

We heard the whispers. 'Go to the grape place in Chatswood, you'll like it'. Then people started talking a bit louder. 'Grape Garden is good'. Now we are shouting it - 'Grape Garden, we love it!'

11 March 2014

Mykababayan Filipino Dishes & Sari Sari Store ~ Fairfield

Mr Shawn faces his most feared real life nightmare. No, not the one about going to school with no pants on. And not the Tony Abbott nightmare, that one came true. We're talking about the ultimate nightmare of the foodblogger: finding a great restaurant without camera on hand, armed with nothing but a phone and bad light. Call the shrink.

06 March 2014

2014 Sri Lankan & South Indian Food Fair ~ Homebush

We heard this food fair up the street before we saw any food. The tak-a-tak of chopping roti was a giveaway for some good Tamil food on offer.

04 March 2014

Let's Taiwan! ~ The Short Version

Before we subject you to many long, bloated posts from our three week Taiwan trip, we thought we'd post of a quick summary of our eatings to answer that question everybody has been asking us - "so what's the food like in Taiwan". To which we reply with a puzzled look and a scratch of Shawn's bald head.