31 January 2012

China Tour ~ Hangzhou Part 1 - What Lake?

Around 200kms (or an hour on the superfast choo-choo) from Shanghai is Hangzhou, featuring a huge bloody big lake that we can't find.

25 January 2012

MC Golden Tower ~ Chinese ~ Market City Food Court

We stuck our noses up at MC Golden Tower in Market City food court because we thought it was just a "honey chicken & fried rice" joint. But our brave mission to eat at every food court joint in Chinatown ensured we gave it a try, and we're glad we did.  Three wontons and the truth. Baby.


24 January 2012

Banoful Restaurant & Sweets ~ Bangladeshi - Lakemba

We're long overdue for an adventure on the food train line, and head off to Lakemba for some Bangladeshi.

23 January 2012

China Tour ~ Shanghai - Part 2

In this episode we wander the back streets of the French Concession, get lost in the Old Town and end up covered in crawfish juice. Another fine winter's day in Shanghai.

19 January 2012

China Tour ~ Shanghai - Part 1

Our bellies do flip-flops as we rocket into Shanghai from the airport. And it's not because the train is doing over 300kmh (seriously). It's because we're in freaking China! China and it's five zillion year culinary history has directly influenced all the Asian cuisines we love so much. Even though we're a pair of skippy non-Asian Australians, we feel like we're coming home to the motherland.

18 January 2012

Thai Thai Thai ~ Market City Food Court - Chinatown

In our mission to eat at every food court stall in Chinatown it's the Thai joints that have given us the most unexpected pleasure. 'Thai Thai Thai' in Market City turns out to be another winner with a few Thai street food classics that we didn't expect to find.

17 January 2012

Crazy Wings & Mamak ~ Eat Street Chatswood

We expected Chatswood's new-ish "Eat Street" to be, well, a street of eating. We pictured something like Lygon Street in Melbourne or Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur. Or even Victoria Road in Chatswood.  This Eat Street is kinda small, it's more like an Eat Carpark. But as far as culinary carparks go it's a good one. It's got Mamak and Crazy Wings, what else do you need?

13 January 2012

I Heart Taiwan ~ Taiwanese - Chinatown [CLOSED]

On our recent trip to China, Hong Kong and Singapore we were intrigued by the immense popularity of Taiwanese cuisine everywhere we went. We returned home eager to eat more Taiwanese, starting with I Heart Taiwan in the Dixon Street Mall, Chinatown. [CLOSED]

11 January 2012

Tokyo Day 10 - Wriggly Unagi in Narita Town and Airport Sushi Fest

Our last day on our trip to Japan and we cram in slippery noodles and wriggling eels and finish with a final sushi round up, then tears and beers before our flight home.