29 February 2012

China Tour ~ Xiamen Old Town

In the midst of modern Xiamen is the old quarter, a maze of old style Chinese markets and tiny streets. We haven't been anywhere that felt so exotic in years. With China's liking for development, we're not sure how long this place will be around, hopefully forever. But we took a bucket of photos just in case...

28 February 2012

Mrs Chan's by Crocodile Senior ~ Thai at Charlie Chan's pub - Chinatown

A few years ago Charlie Chan's pub was transformed from a pokie hellhole with a wino's bottle shop, to a modern and fairly swish pub, popular with office workies and Asian hipsters.  Mrs Chan's bistro out the back is run by the popular Crocodile Senior folks, and attracts more than a few Thai customers. We finally get around to giving it a try.


26 February 2012

Taiwanese Express Meal ~ Kingsford

Taiwanese Express Meal in Kingsord blipped onto our food-nerd radar after our visits to the wonderful Fajar Indonesian Chinese a couple of doors down. A hangover inspired  noodle soup craving lures us in for Sunday lunch.


21 February 2012

China Tour ~ Xiamen Part 2 - Gulangyu Island

It's Christmas Day on Piano Island with no sign of Liberace or Richard Clayderman,  not even Tim Freedman, so we make do with fish balls, jellied tentacles worms and warm corn drinks.

19 February 2012

Best of Market City Food Court ~ Chinatown (Third floor closed, June 2017)

Market City is the cleanest and most modern of the Chinatown food courts, but we won't hold that against them. Here's a few favourite feeds...

[In memoriam. The third floor of Market City closed in 2017, with a new first floor food court currently under development.]

16 February 2012

China Tour ~ Xiamen Part 1 - Aimless Wandering

Xiamen is a big city getting bigger, but we find some old style charm and great food amongst the building boom.

12 February 2012

Taj Indian Sweets & Restaurant ~ Harris Park

We've fallen head over heels in street-food-nerd-love with the amazing vegetarian Indian goodies at Taj Sweets & Restaurant in Harris Park.

09 February 2012

Hong Ha Hot Bread ~ Vietnamese Rolls - Mascot

Is it worth lining up with the masses for Hong Ha's legendary banh mi, Vietnamese Pork rolls, in Mascot? Absolutely definitely maybe probably kinda yes and no. We went twice just to make sure.

07 February 2012

Top Choice Sizzling Hotpot ~ Market City Food Court - Chinatown

Food blogging is a weird hobby. How do we get a euphoric sense of achievement from chugging cheap beer in a shopping centre pokie bar then chowing down on Chinese in the foodcourt?

05 February 2012

China Tour ~ Hangzhou Part 2 - Oh, That Lake

We finally find West Lake, have the world's longest shoe shine and eat more pan fried dumplings than we thought possible.

02 February 2012

Kura Japanese Dining ~ Chinatown

We've been meaning to try Kura Japanese Dining in Chinatown for a couple of years now but it's always so busy and so full that we've always headed for easier options. Doh!