28 June 2011

Kung Fu Ramen ~ Chinese - George Street, Haymarket [CLOSED]

If you're into noodle soup, you have to try Kung Fu Ramen, this place is something special. [CLOSED - Now Chinese Noodle Bar - there's another Kung Fu Ramen around the corner at - see post here]

25 June 2011

Daikichi Ramen ~ Japanese - Chinatown [CLOSED]

Excellent ramen and Mick Jagger lips at the new Daikichi Japanese Ramen in Chinatown, joy. [CLOSED JULY 2012]

23 June 2011

Bijou China ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court Chinatown [CLOSED]

More stupendous food joy at Dixon House Food Court - this time we try the popular North Chinese lamb kebabs and more at Bijou China. [CLOSED - REPLACED BY THE SIMILAR & MOST EXCELLENT ANNA'S KITCHEN]

20 June 2011

Fiesta ~ Filipino - Blacktown

Our nipples explode with delight as we try Filipino food for the first time, and discover it's even better than we expected.


17 June 2011

Sydney Uyghur Cuisine ~ Chinese - Surry Hills

We can barely wait to let the paint dry before trying this new Uyghur Chinese joint in Surry Hills.

14 June 2011

Saap Thai ~ Pitt Street, City

Saap Thai on Pitt St lights a chili fire in our belly on a cold June weekend.

10 June 2011

Broadway Asian Thai Kitchen ~ Thai \ Chinese - Glebe [CLOSED]

Asian Thai Kitchen is a super cheap, super friendly Thai-Chinese hole-in-the-wall on Broadway. We love it.


08 June 2011

Bagan ~ Burmese - Strathfield

Bagan shows Burmese is a diverse cuisine in a suburb with just as much variety.

06 June 2011

Thai Street Food Tour ~ Patong - Phuket

Our final day in Thailand is spent with the tourist hordes of Patong - we eat from street stalls on the beach, find a great night market, skip the girlie bars, and survive the McBroccoli Pie.

04 June 2011

Canton Noodle House ~ Chinese - Hurstville

Visit Canton Noodle House in Hurstville for good, cheap noodle soup, great people-watching and amazing creme un-brulee.

03 June 2011

East Ocean ~ Chinese - Chinatown

We get a little fancy again, this time it's dinner at East Ocean, one of Sydney's top notch Chinese chow houses.

01 June 2011

Billy Kwong ~ Chinese - Surry Hills

To us the words "Billy Kwong" are interchangable with "duck." Oh how we love Billy Kwong's duck...

BYO Chili Crab & More at Malacca Straits ~ Malaysian - Broadway

BYO food to a restaurant? Now we've heard everything! We try Chef Tan's byo chili crab at Malacca Straits on Broadway.