29 May 2014

Liouhe Tourist Night Market ~ Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Nowhere else in Asia have we seen night markets anywhere quite like Taiwan. Here's a bunch of photos and some bull from the crazy busy Liouhe Tourist Night Market in the southern city of  Kaohsiung.

27 May 2014

Supermarkets of Mystery - Convenience Store 8 ~ Japanese and Korean - Pittsway Arcade, CBD

Tucked away between a large city supermarket and a tiny foodcourt, Conbini 8 is a source for Japanese Kit Kats, lunchtime bento boxes and frozen gyoza all stashed away in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

22 May 2014

Sayong Curry & Laksa ~ Malaysian - Pittsway Arcade, City

We go on a Malaysian bender with several trips to that gem of a stall in the city's Pittsway Arcade food court, Sayong Curry & Laksa. We are found several days later, semi-conscious and semi-naked in a city alley with curry in our veins and noodles in our noses.

20 May 2014

Walli Asr ~ Afghani - Merrylands

When searching Sydney suburbs for great food one trick is to look down all those dark mysterious ancient shopping arcades that run off the main street. Occasionally you will strike gold.

17 May 2014

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Kit Kats from across Tokyo and the Chocolatory, Ikebukuro

Japanese Kit Kats are bloody good when you can find them. Even better is when generous friends bring us back a selection from Japan and the new Kit Kat Chocolatory in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

07 May 2014

Kebab Al-Hojat ~ Afghani BBQ - Merrylands

Is this the best Afghani BBQ in town? It's a bold claim but one that we can help Kebab Al-Hojat stand behind.


01 May 2014

Just Thai ~ Dixon House Food Court - Chinatown [CLOSED]

It's our job to try every food court stall in Chinatown. It's your job to look beautiful.