29 January 2018

Panlasang Pinoy ~ Filipino, Kogarah

The most fun way to get into some Pinoy food is at one of Sydney's big handful of little Filipino shops that are varying parts grocery store, takeway, restaurant, community hub and caterer, in varying order.

20 January 2018

Aslan Cafe ~ Strayan & Indonesian

A little birdie in St Peters told us their local cafe has an Indonesian dish or two on the menu.

17 January 2018

Dainty Sichuan ~ Chinese - World Square

Dainty Sichuan in World Square opened with hoopla and queues because it's from Melbourne. Which puzzled us because Sydney kicks Melbourne's butt when it comes to Chinese food. But that's the way it rolls these days, we just take it on the Chin Chin.

15 January 2018

A'La Indo ~ Indonesian, Mascot

We took a random wander over to Mascot and stumble upon A'La Indo - 'The Real Taste of Indonesia'.

13 January 2018

La Gavotte Restaurant & Creperie ~ French - Noumea, New Caledonia

We sneak in a final cheeky lunch at La Gavotte, crepes and Breton style galettes by the water in Baie des Citrons. A light lunch in theory at least, after a week of meat and cream.

12 January 2018

Chi Fong ~ Vietnamese - Eating World Food Court, Chinatown

Chi Fong in Eating World Food Court adds a bit of variety to the usual offerings with a mix of Vietnamese dishes. Barack Obama would approve.

11 January 2018

Yacht Club Restaurant, Cercle Nautique Caledonien (CNC) - Noumea, New Caledonia

Blue striped awnings, expensive boats, cold beer and rose. The Yacht Club Restaurant at CNC gives you that South of France feel in Noumea.

10 January 2018

Au P'tit Cafe ~ Noumea, New Caledonia

Au P'tit Cafe is one of our favourite restaurants in the world - it's the penultimate New Caledonian restaurant - upbeat and cheffy yet island style relaxed, French inspired with touches of Asia and Pacific.

09 January 2018

05 January 2018

Le Relais de la Vallée - French - Noumea, New Caledonia

We mention to a local that we were visiting Relais de Valee this evening. Her response is to rub her belly as her eyes bulge with a silent “oooohhhh."

02 January 2018

Restaurant L'Arlequin ~ French \ New Caledonian, Noumea

With just one week in Noumea we are torn between trying new places and revisiting favourites. Restaurant L'Arlequin was referred to in glowing terms by a local so we give it second crack.