19 December 2013

Summer in Tokyo ~ Kakigori Shaved Iced Dessert

We had three days in Tokyo to top off our Sapporo trip. One of our aims was to try as much kakigori as possible. Kakigori is a summer speciality of flavoured shaved ice, a Japanese snow cone or ais kacang.

17 December 2013

Gone but not forgotten 2013 - our annual ode to closed food treasures

There's a pile of letters and the tell tale sign of unswept leaves and dirt at the front door. The glasses are still on the table but there'll be service here no more. Our annual ode to food treasures lost to us in 2013.

12 December 2013

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks ~ Devonshire Street Tunnel, Haymarket [CLOSED]

We prepare for some serious street food snacking in Taipei and all over Taiwan by trying this franchised chain of Taiwanese delights.

10 December 2013

Colombia Organik ~ Colombian - City\Central

From beginnings as a same-same cafe, Colombia Organik has become one of Sydney's little foodie treasures.

05 December 2013

Emperors Garden BBQ & Noodles ~ Chinese - Haymarket

We finally visit an old Chinatown favourite with a camera. Dinner with family and some favourite roasted meat goodness make a wonderful combination.

03 December 2013

Dog Dog Japon ~ Japanese Hot Dogs [CLOSED]

Are they Japanese? Are they American? Or neither? Dog Dog Japon mixes up its cultural references and throws back some fine snackages.


28 November 2013

Momiji Japanese Takeaway ~ Pittsway Arcade - Sydney City

Momiji is said to be the oldest Japanese food court stall in Sydney, with over 23 years in the Pittsway Arcade. That's a lot of katsudon pushed over the counter.

26 November 2013

Sapporo Summer Soup Curry Fest ~ Japan

As we pack our bags for Sapporo, Alison sheepishly tells Shawn that she's been commissioned to write an article on soup curry for a magazine. We're not sure if we will be published but dang we have a good time researching it, and we unexpectedly fall in love with soup curry. Here's why we will never be journos.

21 November 2013

Beijing Style - Flavour of Beijing ~ Chinese - Chinatown

Beijing Style is the spiritual successor to the much loved and sadly missed Daily Noodle Fast Food. It's just as ramshackle, almost as small, almost as cheap, and the food is excellent. Beijing Style is the kind of joint that inspires us to do what we do, whatever that is.

[Last updated March 2014]

19 November 2013

Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher ~ Vegetarian and Vegan - Newtown

There's a cow in the front window with a garland of flowers. Isn't this a vegetarian joint? Why is is called a butcher?

17 November 2013

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Bamboe Rendang Beef Stew - Indonesian

Rendang mix from a packet might seem like a real cheat, but this is an old favourite of ours and worth revisiting.

12 November 2013

Taiwan Ganbei ~ Taiwanese - Chinatown

Taiwan Ganbei took the place of I Heart Taiwan which took the place of a lamb hot pot restaurant before that and has firmly settled in as a Taiwanese favourite.

[Updated January 2014]

11 November 2013

Supermarkets of Mystery - Happy Pepero Day!

While many might observe 11 November as Remembrance Day or still weep over the 1975 sacking of Gough on this anniversary, a new contender has emerged for celebration - Pepero Day.

07 November 2013

East Ocean Food Stall ~ Chinese - Chinatown Markets

Every Friday night Chinatown's Dixon Street Mall becomes a super fun, squishy, just-like-Asia night market. One of Sydney's more revered Chinese restaurants, East Ocean, has a stall peddling restaurant quality dumplings and fried snackages.

05 November 2013

Bamboo Village BBQ Fish ~ Chinese - Chinatown

Ascend up from the bustle of Dixon St to try some BBQ fish that will give you a chilli kick all the way back down the stairs.

04 November 2013

Summer in Sapporo Part Two - Depachika feasts, Otaru and tofu skins

Our main inspiration to head north in Japan was the food. Different food. Seafood. Dairy. Potatoes. We found a big small town that turned our ideas about Japanese food upside down.

31 October 2013

Vincent BBQ and Chinese ~ Pittsway Arcade Food Court, CBD

Going to a new food court is a special moment in the life of our Street Food blog. We recently ventured into the Pittsway Arcade and came up trumps with some new finds and favourites.

30 October 2013

Summer in Sapporo Part One - Susukino streets, Cheeza and Chu Hi

Sapporo in Japan's cold north is a popular winter destination attracting tourists worldwide for world class skiing and the ice sculpture festival. So we go in summer...

24 October 2013

Poplar Central Asian Cuisine ~ Haymarket

How can a plate of plain noodles or munching on a lamb bone be so good? Poplar Central Asian Cuisine with dishes from Mongolia, China and across to the 'stans shows there can be happiness in the simplest of meals.

22 October 2013

Ria Sari Indonesian Padang Takeway ~ Randwick

Ria Sari is one of Sydney's last great ye olde hole-in-the-wall joints.

[Updated July, 2017]

18 October 2013

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Turkish Pistachio Pudding - Auburn

Our supermarkets of mystery journey takes us to Auburn this week for a mean and green pistachio pudding mix.

17 October 2013

What We Learnt About Ramen in Sapporo & Tokyo

We constantly bleat about how we've been eating ramen for years yet know nothing about the stuff. So we spent a bit of time on our recent Japan trip trying to reset our tastebuds and expand our knowledge. All we learnt was our heads are up our arses.

15 October 2013

Mekong Eating House ~ Vietnamese - Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

A new addition to the Dixon House Food Court, Mekong Eating House fills out the food court culinary profile with some Vietnamese options.


10 October 2013

Yum Cha at King's Seafood Restaurant ~ Chinese - Eastwood

King's Seafood in Restaurant in Eastwood is rowdy and joyous at yum cha time. The service is quick and easy, and the food is, well, it's yum cha.

08 October 2013

Ramen Sun Sun ~ Japanese - Crow's Nest

We make a couple of visits to a joint we haven't been to in since the last century. Is it as good as we remember?

05 October 2013

03 October 2013

Penang Kitchen ~ Malaysian - City/Chinatown Fringe

With food court prices and a simple upstairs setting, this Malaysian offers a greatest hits package of dishes and a mean pandan waffle.

01 October 2013

Breakfast in Sapporo, Japan - Or How We Learnt Not to Hate Natto

A simple soba noodle soup is one of our most favourite breakfasts of all time. Will natto be a new contender to hold a place in our hearts?

26 September 2013

Dish of the Month - Mr September - Lump Rice from Sri Lankan Food Bar, Homebush

Brains permitting, we present a favourite dish each month to highlight the extra special feeds that get buried amongst our pile of posts.

24 September 2013

Miso ~ Japanese - World Square, City

Miso blipped on our food-nerd radar when we saw the menu headlining with tonkatsu: crisp, golden deep fried pork fillets.

20 September 2013

Sapporo Sweeties ~ Hokkaido, Japan

We only had a few days in Sapporo so we concentrated our dessert action on the famous Hokkaido cheesecake, but we took a bunch of photos of the cakes that got away.

19 September 2013

Taste Legend ~ Chinese - Ultimo / Broadway

Noodle Noodles Taste Legend in the sunny square off Mountain St is a gem of a Chinese joint in Broadway/Ultimo.

16 September 2013

Buldog Premium Hot Dog Bar ~ Korean/Western - Strathfield [CLOSED]

There's at least a couple of joints in our home turf of Newtown that do hotdogs, but we're not interested, not one bit. Nor does the whole Americana dude food thing raise a collective eyebrow of interest. Yet when a Korean hotdog joint opens in Strathfield we're all over it. We don't know why. [Closed May 2014]

Falling in love with Newtown - again

It often takes some time away to appreciate the things you see everyday. We love living in Newtown and here's our love letter.

12 September 2013

Pho TK ~ Vietnamese - Market City, Chinatown

We must admit it was Luke Nguyen who put us onto Pho TK in one of those 'secret spot' articles in the Sydney Morning Herald. For once, it was refreshing to see something different suggested from the usual suspects trotted out time and again. Cheers for the new find, Luke.

11 September 2013

Asia Eater - A new Asian food magazine review

Street Food looks at a new magazine Asia Eater, inspiring our favourite things - travel and eating.

10 September 2013

2013 Gallipoli Mosque Open Day ~ Auburn

You've probably passed it on the train commuting to work or driving by to eat in Auburn. We take a rare look inside the beautiful Gallipoli Mosque in Auburn at its annual Open Day.

06 September 2013

Travel Takeaways - Japan ~ Beer flavoured chocolate, green tea Kit Kats and sake

Beer flavoured chocolate, BBQ lamb flavoured caramels, green tea kit kats and sake. Our travel takeaways from Japan make returning home a little easier.

03 September 2013

Taipei Chef ~ Taiwanese - Artarmon

We are lucky to have many great Taiwanese restaurants in Sydney these days, but Taipei Chef is just that extra bit special, definitely worth a trip across town for.

29 August 2013

Lao City Thai ~ Chinatown

We take a food lovers mystery challenge and order everything we can't understand on the menu at Lao City Thai. We win big time.

Ajisai Japanese Sushi Bar ~ Sussex Centre Food Court - Chinatown

It's great to see a straight-up sushi bar open in a Chinatown food court. The sushi is only $1 per piece, and we're not just talking your regular old California roll, there's some pretty fancy pants one buck sushi.

27 August 2013

Master Bowl Chinese Restaurant ~ Chinatown

We fight the queues and get a feed or three at the very popular Master Bowl Chinese Restaurant, Dixon Street Chinatown.

14 August 2013

Street Food is On Holiday - Japan here we come!

We won't be posting for a couple of weeks as we're off to Sapporo and Tokyo to check out the summer eaties in Japan. Sayonara!

13 August 2013

Mother Thai ~ Dixon House Food Court - Chinatown [CLOSED]

Mother Thai is a new opening in the ever changing Dixon House Food Court, with the usual Thai fare and a few surprises.

12 August 2013

Street Food on 2SER Breakfast with Tim Higgins

Alison has the pleasure of getting up early on a Monday morning and talking with Tim Higgins about all things street food on 2SER. Shawn is content to get an extra half hour sleep.

08 August 2013

Veggie Patch Food Truck ~ Hippie Food - Sydney

 Veggie Patch Van food truck makes hanging out in the park on a winter sunny day a worthwhile lunchtime adventure.