18 October 2011

Best of Dixon House Food Court ~ Chinatown

Our favourite finds from the wonderful Dixon House Food Court.


Dixon House is many folks' favourite Chinatown food court. It is gloriously low rent with a decor crossed between a wood panelled ski chalet and a mirrored 1980's disco. We love it.

Here's a list of our favourite food finds that we hope will inspire more folks to get down and give it a try. We're probably preaching to the converted but it's worth a try eh?

Salted Fish Fried Rice from Phnom PenhTeo Chew Noodle House. Rustic with lovely smoky wok and salty fishy flavours. Some joints skimp on the salty fish, not here.  About $8.

Laksa from Phnom PenhTeo Chew Noodle House.We have a few readers say Phnom Penh Teo Chew Noodle House is their favourite spot for a laksa. It's rich, sweet and coconut-y, laksa fans should give it a whirl. Seafood laksa is about $10.

Sesame Chicken from Phnom PenhTeo Chew Noodle House. ($7.50). Chicken slithers in a crunchy fried batter with a sweet sauce, it's like honey chicken but not as sweet. The greens are a nice counter to the fried chicken. This is really well cooked and excellent value, awesome.

Beancurd and vegetable with rice from Phnom PenhTeo Chew Noodle House. ($7.00). A generous plate of veggies with tofu puffs stir fried with a little soy and oil. It's not art but it's good, simple, healthy food and it's amazing value.

Three choices on rice from Zhou Mum Cafe - this 'economy rice' stall does homestyle Chinese cooking like we have seen throughout our travels in Southern China. It's best at weekday lunchtimes when the food is freshest and there's the most variety.

BBQ Pork Wonton Noodle Soup from Wonton Noodle House - a simple Chinese classic cooked very well, lovely noodles with the perfect amount of chew, one of our favourites around town. $6.50.

Chinese Hamburger from Oriental Dumpling King - Spicy, cumin flavoured pork or lamb in a fresh, stodgey bun. The chilis aren't nearly as mean as they look. $4.20.

Handmade Noodles with chili oil from Oriental Dumpling King. Good chewy, satiating noodles handmade on the premises, dressed with oil, roasted chilis and some slithers of sliced veggies. $9.80. Awesome.

Sliced bbq fish wrapped in banana leaves from Pondok Selera - ikan pepes. Fish cooked in banana leaves and foil with strong notes of tumeric and coconut and a nice but not brain-beating chili heat. $12.

Sizzling duck in special sauce from Sizzling & Hotpot Kitchen. This is probably the most popular stall in the joint. Don't let the hefty queue put you off, the lady in charge is super organised and quite entertaining. We like to sit near her and watch the show even if we order from the other side of the food court. Any hot plate dish from here is going to be a winner, we like the duck the best because it's duck and it's in foil. $13.80. This would set you back $35 in a fancy-pants restaurant.

Sweet and sour pork ribs with tamarind from Just Thai - hunks of pork on the bone that need to be picked up and gnawed cave man style. The sauce is a sugary sweet and sour given and extra dimension of flavour with shrimp paste and, we suppose, tamarind. It's a full on flavour so it is best shared.

Tamarind sweet corn from Just Thai - simple corn on the cob drizzled in a salty tamarind sauce, it works well and it's healther than slathering your corn in butter. Only $2 per piece.

Thai fried fish with chili and basil sauce from Just Thai - the cooking style is more Chinese than Thai here but you can't go wrong with a whole dang fish for $10.80 (for Thai fried fish that Thai folks line up for go to At Thai in Eating World).

And Don't Forget the Lovely Sugar Cane Lady from de Juice! Fresh sugar can juice as found all over Asia. Her tea drinks are really scrummy too.

Dixon House Food Court is on the corner of Dixon and Little Hay Street's Chinatown.


  1. We love these posts!! :) Heading to Kirasagi Ramen for the fiance's birthday on account of your recommendation!

  2. Yum, love the look of the fish cake/moussey dishes!

  3. Dixon House for fiance's birthday dinner? Now that's romance!

  4. flapflap you've set the bar now for Shawn - he's going to have to come up with something pretty special for me now!

  5. Kisaragi Ramen is one of the best ramen joints in town. Those Chinese burgers look pretty tasty as well. Looking forward to a post on the best of Sussex Centre food court.

  6. Another great round up. This time for those great joints in my favourite Chinatown food court.

  7. *clap clap clap* hurray for Shawn and Alison! Appreciate these lists. Very useful to navigate the food courts.

  8. So sad..quite a few stalls have closed. Hopefully there will be new ones with good food.

  9. The saddest thing is it's often the quirkier, more interesting stalls that close :-)

  10. Hate to nit pick but I think you guys may have left out a stall in your circumnavigation of Dixon House, there's a juice bar/Hong Kong dim sum type place by the stairs, diagonally opposite Anna's Kitchen.

    1. Yes, I know - I tried it once but I've never been in the mood to go back.

  11. There's a new stall open in Dixon House, it's a new Thai joint where PK Thai used to be. The menu doesn't look all that exciting, but it looks OK.

    There also appears to be action in the stalls where Wing Shing and Fat Bird used to be. Lots of new stalls to try!

    1. oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy - thanks for the update!

  12. Phnom Penh Kitchen chicken laksa. Do it. Now.


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