28 March 2013

Pepper Lunch ~ Japanese - George St CBD

Japanese fast food chains have a special place in our hearts. They are the saviour of budget travellers, offering a tasty rice bowl, curry or noodle soup as an option to sushi trains when the yen is tight. When Yoshinoya closed on Oxford St in Sydney it seemed we would never get a chance to eat Japanese fast food unless we flew to Japan.

26 March 2013

Liu Food Van ~ Camperdown

While fashionable food trucks might be food wank of the month, we find a great el cheapo street food veteran alternative. This is a real food truck. Not an overpriced pulled pork taco in sight.

21 March 2013

Little Bloggers in Big China Part 2

Our blog posts about our China adventures continue their fascinating viral journey, most recently with a spread in the Chinese edition of Outside magazine.

12 March 2013

Budget airlines and cheap travel Street Food style

Want to eat real street food at the source? We just got back from another short trip to China and some of our friends and family are wondering where this bottomless well of travel money has been coming from. We thought we'd inspire you to get out and travel in 2013 and share some of our ways of getting around on the cheap, Street Food style.

05 March 2013

Singapore ~ Wokin the Suburbs

We hit up Singapore with plans of Peranakan feasting and end up on a suburban bus and beer or bust tour.