28 December 2018

2018 Gone but not forgotten - our end of year round up of lost eateries

They've collected the plates and wiped down the tables one last time. Here's our annual round up of those places closed for good in 2018.

26 December 2018

Descanso Cafe ~ Filipino - Glebe

Descanso Cafe mixes up standard cafe fare with a selection of classic Filipino meals, all the silogs, sisig and adobos you could want.

25 December 2018

Cutie Puff ~ Chinese - Town Hall / Sydney CBD

It's the small stalls we often love the most, the grab and go beauties that offer quick snacks for a low price. Cutie Puff underneath Town Hall fits the bill, one steam bun in hand and a congee in a cup in the other.

21 December 2018

Toko H20 ~ Indonesian Grocery Store - Sydney CBD

If there's an award for the one supermarket we've frequented the most this year, the gong has to go to Toko H2O. This Indonesian shop has sustained us with snacks, emergency groceries and quick dinners and lunches all year.

20 December 2018

The Momos Hub ~ Nepalese - Chippendale

Nepalese momos as you like - fried, steamed, soupy, chilli - at The Momos Hub in Chippendale.