17 December 2012

Gone but not forgotten - Sydney food court and street food closures in 2012

Street Food salutes all the places lost to us in 2012. Just like the dead people bit in the Oscars, only with food.

11 December 2012

Hungry Bob K-Food ~ Korean - Dixon House, Chinatown

We love Hungry Bob K-Food. If only the masses would catch on to K-Food like they have K-Pop...


06 December 2012

Cafe Kasturi ~ Malaysian & Pan Asian - Chinatown [CLOSED]

At long last, Alison gives in to Mr Shawn's nagging and takes him to Cafe Kasturi for ayam rendang. Twice.


04 December 2012

Sedap Rasa Indonesian Restaurant ~ Kingsford

We take a reader's tip on Sedap Rasa, a new-ish Padang style Indonesian joint in Kingsford.