20 February 2019

The Burman Kitchen ~ Burmese, Surry (Gasp) Hills

 Surry Hills is not our usual source of B-Kyu eateries. Often the places are just too dang hip for a couple of dags like us. But when an all time favourite like The Burman Kitchen moves from west to east we rise out of our bubble to try it.

07 February 2019

Student Biryani ~ Pakistani, Surry Hills

Off all the joints we've loitered around, few have quite the cult following that Student Biryani enjoys. Since 1969 they've been dishing out plates of fluffy rice and nan across Pakistan and more recently in Auburn. Surry Hills, it's your turn.

05 February 2019

Little Canteen ~ Chinese, Waterloo

We used to spend our weekends out west seeking the finest hole-in-the-wall restaurants. But now, fortunately for us, there's been a population explosion around Waterloo/Mascot/Zetland that has brought golden b-kyu goodness within walking distance of our inner west bubble.

01 February 2019

Zaab Ver ~ Thai - Broadway Food Court, Ultimo

$5.99 for a bowl of Thai noodle soup? A hot lunch doesn't get much better for a few bucks at Zaab Ver.