28 December 2018

2018 Gone but not forgotten - our end of year round up of lost eateries

They've collected the plates and wiped down the tables one last time. Here's our annual round up of those places closed for good in 2018.

26 December 2018

Descanso Cafe ~ Filipino - Glebe

Descanso Cafe mixes up standard cafe fare with a selection of classic Filipino meals, all the silogs, sisig and adobos you could want.

25 December 2018

Cutie Puff ~ Chinese - Town Hall / Sydney CBD

It's the small stalls we often love the most, the grab and go beauties that offer quick snacks for a low price. Cutie Puff underneath Town Hall fits the bill, one steam bun in hand and a congee in a cup in the other.

21 December 2018

Toko H20 ~ Indonesian Grocery Store - Sydney CBD

If there's an award for the one supermarket we've frequented the most this year, the gong has to go to Toko H2O. This Indonesian shop has sustained us with snacks, emergency groceries and quick dinners and lunches all year.

20 December 2018

The Momos Hub ~ Nepalese - Chippendale

Nepalese momos as you like - fried, steamed, soupy, chilli - at The Momos Hub in Chippendale.

19 November 2018

Like Noodle ~ Chinese - Wolli Creek

We are fortunate to live within waddling distance of Wolli Creek, there most be close to a dozen good Chinese joints there now, it's like a second Chinatown to us. Like Noodle is our latest Wolli Creek love.

16 November 2018

Supermarkets of Mystery - Indo Mie Salted Egg Curly Fried Noodle

Indo Mie gets into the Salted Egg flavour craze, turning a cheap packet of instant noodles into an expensive packet of instant noodles. Marketing wins again!

29 October 2018

Hanh Phuc Vegetarian Restaurant ~ Vietnamese - Surry Hills

Hanh Phuc used to be naughty. Once it was The Naughty Chef, an all singing and dancing meat happy pho and stir fry joint. Those folks have shifted operations over to a stall in a Martin Place food court and branched out into banh mi, keeping this place to operate as vegetarian. May the cows sing and dance in celebration!

28 October 2018

Dunhuang Lou Restaurant ~ Chinese - George Street City\Chinatown

Just when we thought Lanzhou beef noodle soup was gone and forgotten in Sydney, we get 1919 in Ashfield, and now Dunhuang Lou in Chinatown. Oh my giddy auntie.

17 October 2018

1919 Lanzhou Beef Noodle ~ Chinese, Ashfield

Lanzhou beef noodle is one of most treasured of all Chinese noodle soups. It's a magic mix of gentle, subtle, soothing broth, and chumpy noodles handmade just minutes ago.

12 October 2018

The Secret Alley ~ Taiwanese - Chinatown

A pick'n'mix of small plates at The Secret Alley in Chinatown draws across all our favourite dishes from Taiwan in a neat table top filling way. We stopped at about 10 dishes between the two of us, with plenty more to return for.

09 October 2018

Dapoer Shalom ~ Indonesian, Mascot

Botany Rd in Mascot has a small Indo food scene happening with a number of new stores opening recently. We go for the ayam bakar and we end up falling for the short ribs.

20 September 2018

Mithu's Restaurant ~ Sri Lankan, Homebush West

We were digging on Mithu's Restaurant in Flemington/Homebush West a few years back, before and after our Sri Lanka trip, we finally make it back for a return feast.

06 September 2018

Croatian Club at Club Punchbowl

We love visiting community clubs, they are always different, always welcoming, and the food is always worth a crack. This week we try the Croatian Club in Punchbowl.

30 August 2018

Kenny's Pork Rolls ~ Vietnamese - Darlinghurst

Wedged between the bars and late night snack shops, Kenny's Pork Rolls in Darlo serves up classic pork rolls, salad bowls and Vietnamese street food.

27 August 2018

QY Dumpling Bar ~ Chinese - Ultimo

QY Dumpling Bar is a classic of homestyle Chinese cooking, a mum and dad eatery located in the strange little food court off Broadway

26 August 2018

23 August 2018

Yummy One ~ Chinese - Chinatown\Central

Yummy One is a twofer: a Hong Kong coffee shop complete with luncheon meat sandwiches and coffee-tea. And they're also a dab hand at Chinese-Malaysian, sweet, shiny and glorious.

16 August 2018

Alem's House ~ Ethiopian - Camperdown

Camperdown gets an Ethiopian Cafe. The lure of vegetarian dishes and injera pull us down Parramatta Rd to give it a burl.

13 August 2018

21 July 2018

Make Your Mouth Water - Chinese ~ City/Chinatown

Chongqing style noodles, enamel plates and bowls of chili noodle goodness. Make Your Mouth Water on George Street locks it all in.

12 July 2018

01 July 2018

Hunan Rice Noodles ~ Chinese, Burwood

The Murray Place Arcade in Burwood has revamped into a themed Chinatown, with noodles, dumplings, waffle puffs and bubble tea stalls. There's so many new places to try and we're enamoured, so we hit it off our new Burwood love affair at Hunan Rice Noodles.

25 June 2018

B-Kyu Tour of West Sumatra ~ Padang Bit 2

The final part of our West Sumatra tour for more nasi padang, as much as we can possibly eat.

10 June 2018

B-Kyu Tour of West Sumatra ~ Lake Maninjau

Lake Maninjau in West Sumatra has some sort of weird power to slow time down, the three days we were there felt like a month.

23 May 2018

Award Kitchen ~ Taiwanese, City\Chinatown Fringe

Award Kitchen brings another fine Taiwanese bainmarie-of-love to Sydney, we're always up for more.

16 May 2018

Noodle Bay ~ Chinese, Haymarket/Chinatown

Noodle Bay replaces the similar and excellent T Noodle in the Prince Centre, Chinatown. It's a Sichuan/Chong Qing style menu - that means plenty of spice and variable heat. This is one of our favourite food styles and they do a motza job of it.

01 May 2018

Krispy Roll, Version 2 - Vietnamese ~ Haymarket

Krispy Roll closed then changed it's mind and had a revamp,  reopening at the shop next door. While they still do pork rolls, they've ditched the bargain price and expanded the menu.

30 April 2018

El Pinoy Grill ~ Filipino - Paddy's Markets, Haymarket

Breakfast at Paddy's Markets doesn't have to be the usual bacon and egg rolls. How about a Filipino option at El Pinoy Grill?

26 April 2018

Kabul Sydney Restaurant ~ Afghani - Merrylands

Afghani style lamb kebabs are one of the seven wonders of the food world. Kabul Sydney Restaurant in Merrylands keeps up a wonder standard for a plate of bread and juicy grilled meat.

16 April 2018

Indo Cafe ~ Indonesian & Indian, Belmore

Indo Cafe is tucked away in Belmore North, a fine homestyle Indonesian joint in a small local spot.

08 April 2018

B-Kyu Tour of West Sumatra ~ Bukittinggi

A couple of days eating and sleeping in Bukuttinggi, a popular hill town outside of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

01 April 2018

Seabay Kitchen ~ Chinese - Haymarket

Sharing the top of George St with backpacker travel stores, Seabay Kitchen has a good standard menu that might not stand out with any wow or a must have bang but it cranks out some good homestyle Xi'an Chinese food. We dig it.

22 March 2018

Bankstown Lebanese Restaurant

We're on a mission to revisit and celebrate our favourite Sydney restos before they morph into apartment blocks, this time it's Bankstown Lebanese Restaurant.

12 March 2018

Chinatown Noodle Restaurant

After a run of kickarse noodle soup at Chinatown's revered Noodle Pot, we tell Noodle Pot boss dude that his soups are among the best in town. Noodle Pot boss dude looks bewildered and says "but haven't you tried the restaurant around the corner? It's northern style..."

06 March 2018

07 February 2018

29 January 2018

Panlasang Pinoy ~ Filipino, Kogarah

The most fun way to get into some Pinoy food is at one of Sydney's big handful of little Filipino shops that are varying parts grocery store, takeway, restaurant, community hub and caterer, in varying order.

20 January 2018

Aslan Cafe ~ Strayan & Indonesian

A little birdie in St Peters told us their local cafe has an Indonesian dish or two on the menu.

17 January 2018

Dainty Sichuan ~ Chinese - World Square

Dainty Sichuan in World Square opened with hoopla and queues because it's from Melbourne. Which puzzled us because Sydney kicks Melbourne's butt when it comes to Chinese food. But that's the way it rolls these days, we just take it on the Chin Chin.