16 December 2011

Best of Sussex Centre Food Court ~ Chinatown

A list of our faves after trying every stall in the Sussex Centre Food Court.


15 December 2011

Happy Chef ~ Chinese - Sussex Centre Food Court - Chinatown

Happy Chef's laksa gets mentioned all the time in those lazy Sydney Morning Herald 'best of' list articles. And Luke Mangan gives it the thumbs up (it says so on the signage), so it's got to be good, right?


13 December 2011

Tokyo Day 8 ~ Are We Not Ramen?

We sniff out the food under and around Tokyo Station, try some Japanese Italian, get jiggy at a Japanese synthpunk gig, and wash it all down with a killer ramen. And we discuss our favourite aspect of traditional Japanese culture: the Softbank dog.

12 December 2011

Jimmy's Recipe World Square ~ Malaysian - Haymarket\City [CLOSED]

Jimmy's Recipe is a hole-in-the-wall joint at the arse end of World Square that does good, cheap Malaysian street food for the city office crowd.

08 December 2011

Kitchen OEC ~ Japanese - Sussex Centre Food Court, Chinatown [CLOSED]

Kitchen OEC is a little ripper of a Japanese joint in the Sussex Centre Food Court, specialising in  korokke (Japanese potato croquettes) and tonkatsu (like a Japanese schnitzel).


06 December 2011

North and South ~ Chinese - Sussex Centre Food Court - [CLOSED]

North and South tries to cover some east and west too, so we find some uncharted territory in between.


04 December 2011

Chennai ~ Malaysian - King Street Newtown [CLOSED]

We've always reckoned that opening a Malaysian street food joint in King Street Newtown would be a dang smart move. Finally somebody's done it, yay! [CLOSED JULY 2012 - SHAME, THIS PLACE ALMOST WORKED BUT NOT QUITE...]

02 December 2011

Tokyo Day 6 ~ Karma Cola at Kamakura

If there was a technical term for the study of noodle soup  it may be the bad Greek translation minestraology. We decide to take a degree in the fine arts of soba, udon and other slippery numbers to find out more.