04 September 2014

Street Food is changing its name

After nearly five years of talking about it we've finally decided to change the blog name. We will be (insert drumroll) 'B-Kyu'.

Why change the name? The term 'street food' pigeonholes us, a square name for our round tummies. And in recent years the term 'street food' has become a marketing concept used in chain stores, supermarket ready meals and upmarket theme joints, the antithesis of the joy of street food.

Besides, we were just starting to become successful, with Alison getting writing gigs in mainstream media and everything. We couldn't possibly develop a brand. It's so un-Generation X. So we're changing the name to something difficult to remember and Google un-friendly. And to top it off we chose a url with a dash in it, a bitch to type on your iPhone. Google rankings and inbound links be damned, we are b-kyu.com

B-Kyu roughly means 'B Grade' in Japanese. B-Kyu Gurume means 'B-Grade Gourmet' an endearing term for affordable, everyday food, the food of the people. We'll get round to writing more on the subject, in the meantime checkout this great little piece on B-Kyu here http://findingfukuoka.com/2014/01/10/b-kyu/

So fear not, nothing is really going to change apart from the name. We are threatening to re-design the site, sprinkle some digital fairy dust, maybe come up with a logo, but that's about it, if we actually get around to it. We still dig the same ethno-centric food, the same places, we are definitely not going upmarket. In fact we will probably go further downmarket, we have a new obsession with industrial park lunch bars...

Being proudly unprofessional old-school bloggers it will take us a while to fix up the broken links and the zillion 'street food' references. The website may disappear for an hour or a day when we hit the switch sometime in the next couple of days. We'll be changing our other social media handles over time too. So bear with us while our blog goes through change.


  1. Whoooo hooo big news!! =D
    I love the new name, although I will certainly miss the name Street Food.

  2. Long live B-Kyu! Since I stumbled upon this blog a couple of years ago it has basically become my Sydney eating bible. I check religiously for new posts. My only hope is that any redesign doesn't axe the menus on the left hand side- they make the archives super easy to navigate. Please continue to do what you do, as you do it superbly. :)

    1. Thanks for kind words. We'll probably never get around to a re-design, but if we did we'd keep the nav thingy for sure.

  3. keep up the good work! loved reading your hidden food adventures :D

  4. Yay! And also - its, no apostrophe.


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