04 October 2020

C-Side Function Centre & Kiosk - Greek Fish 'n' Chips, Kyeemagh

Seek out the pointed spire along General Holmes Drive for a taste of the Greek isles mixed with fish 'n' chip shop classics.

In the early 1970s this distinctive pointy roofed building along General Holmes Drive in Kyeemagh housed Hero's Drive In Diner. Later it was run by the Hasham family and known by their name, and flipping the burgers was the father and brother of the Lebanese-Australian No 96 star Joe Hasham (who has lived in Malaysia since 1984 and is a large part of the theatre scene there.)

The big point is now known as C-Side Function Centre and Kiosk and it still has burgers, but it's the seafood we get squiggly about.

Order at the counter inside. You can select from fresh salads in the window display or order a coffee and ice cream for afters.

We usually find most fish burgers are made from frozen patties of smooshed together fish bits, but here there's none of that.

On our second visit, we tried the burgers with lemon instead of mayo, we are mayo-ist (we even go without on Portuguese chicken burgers - come at us!)

Not a bit of smooshed fish here.

We also recommend the grilled fish over the crumbed, more of the fish flavour gets through.

On previous visits we had spied platters of food going out to tables. And it's the thing to do. This is the seafood mixed grill, around $32 bucks for a plate of fried fish fillet, calamari in tender long strips, grilled octopus, chips and a little Greek style salad so you don't feel too guilty. The mayo is sweet and best avoided, there's enough flavour on everything else so you don't need it.

So good it deserves a flip side photo. Oh the colour on that octopus. We are considering just getting a platter of the 'pus next time.

The octopus is prepared in the Greek tradition. Drying in the sun reduces the amount of moisture in the flesh which reduces the amount of steam when cooked and avoids a rubbery outcome. Yes sir.

C-Side Kiosk is at 110 General Holmes Drive, Kyeemagh - right at the northern end of the Brighton-Le-Sands foreshore walk. You can also get takeaway and sit along the beach front, bring along your pic-a-nic basket.

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  1. Rate this place but the last couple of times I've been there they are not being very Covid-19 safe. Shared cutlery etc.


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