30 September 2020

Killiney Kopitiam - Singaporean ~ Central Park, Chippendale

A small bite of Singapore sits inside the lower levels of Central Park. Mee rebus, soft googies, sock coffee and kaya toast await at Killiney Kopitiam

The search for outdoor eating options is easier when you head down the escalators to the bottom of Central Park. The carousel of restaurant openings and closings is often turning down there as the spaces are large and the weather can be unkind (either super hot and sunshine bright or damp and cold, depending on which side of the building you are.)

Killiney Kopitiam has settled in to one corner, with plenty of outdoor seating. The menu is large and has seasonal specials, we've been hitting the Singaporean classics as we can. 

Mee rebus, $9.90. A mix of yellow noodles, fish cake and a sweet gravy made thick with potato. This is a good size serve, not too big which suits the full flavour of the gravy.

The special joy of the place has to be the kaya toast, egg and coffee deal. For $8.50 (Set B) you get the classic Singapore breakfast, mid morning snack or general anytime comfort dish. Look at that butter in between the slices of toast and kaya jam. They also sell jars of kaya jam for $8.00.

And those soft eggs, oh the utter joy of cracking an mixing with a little soy and white pepper. Then the toast dipping can commence. And we may have raised the saucer and slupped up the eggy goodness.

Kopi O, black coffee with sugar. If you want it less sweet, order kopi o siew dai. This is deeply black and deeply sweet stuff.

Chicken and fish ball mee pok, $12.50. This is a spicy dry style noodle dish with fish balls and fish slices, the chicken was pretty scarce. You can see the chilli sambal around the edge of the bowl, essential.

Singapore laksa with seafood, $12.50. Laksa is not one of our favourite dishes but we are always keen to have our minds changed. This one gave a good fight but won't make a hall of fame. It's a solid laksa with good flavour and seafood pieces. All the soups are not overly large, a good size so you don't waddle away.

Stir fried prawn har mee, $11.90. When this dish was set down, it looked a bit disappointing. But there's a lot of flavour underneath the mess of yellow noodles and vermicelli. It had the base har mee prawn flavour you would expect and a couple of casual bits of prawn. Not overly prawn generous in the serve but there are slices of fish cake and a swirl of cooked egg.

Prawn har mee soup, $12.50. In contrast, the prawn har mee soup was a bit of a disappointment. When this was put down I wondered if perhaps it was the wrong order. Har mee with a clear soup base defies the very essence of this soup. This is probably the only miss hit we had here.

A cheapskate tip for ordering - you can order at the main terminals at the entrance and pay a surcharge on your credit card, or order at the counter and pay cash and give the charge a slip. It's also a little easier and faster to be served.

Killiney Kopitiam is at the lower levels of Central Park, 38 Broadway. They also have a store in Westfield Pitt St.

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  1. Thanks for the tips, I've recently been to their Westfield outpost and had a great time there - had roti with rendang, carrot (radish) cake; and octopus tentacles. All worthwhile, so am glad of what not to order from your review for my next visit!

  2. I'm reading this post from Singapore, and this is still making me hungry! (Except that prawn har mee, which I completely agree just looks wrong.)


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