28 July 2015

Kiroran Silk Road Uygur Restaurant ~ Chinese \ Central Asian

Where do you feed a party made up of a gluten intolerant gym junkie, a bullshit intolerant diabetic, a pork intolerant student who really just wants chips, and two pretentious ethno food nerds? Oh, and it's got to be cheap and filling, there's some big eaters amongst us.

Kiroran Silk Road Uygur is a joint we've had on our radar for a few years but never quite found the right crowd to go with. Until now. Uygur food is hearty and homely and best suited to group feeding.

It's an upstairs joint, it's a leap into the unknown heading up those stairs, past the sacks of rice in the foyer. On a busy night there's a bit of a festive atmosphere in here. The decor is pure hole-in-the-wall, it's pretty relaxed.

Sunggekiz tohogoshi narin - big plate chicken dish - $45. "Boneless chicken with potatoes in chili and garlic sauce with hand made flat noodle. Suitable for 2-4 Hot/mild." After checking out other punters' tables we figured the way to order is to get a big central dish to gorge on plus some smaller snacky dishes to complement it. This chicken dish is an easy pleaser, a big hearty saucy stew. We ordered mild which still had some rogue chillis and a gentle Sichuan pepper kick.

Lurking beneath the surface of our big plate chicken dish are glorious flat, toothsome handmade noodles. We'll be back to try more of these.

Russian salad Tomato, cucumber, onion & corianders in Uygur style garlic dressing - $10. This dish was delivered first to the table and devoured in seconds. The freshness of the cool salad is amped up with a super garlicy sauce.

The stir fried Shanghai greens - $10 wasn't the explosion of vegetable goodness we were hoping for, it was ok with nice garlicky flavours.

Uygur style flat bread - about $10. It looks like pizza base and tastes like focaccia bread, excellent for mopping up stray sauce.

Uygur style lamb skewers - 5 for $15. We always dig on lamb skewers, these are moist with a pleasant gristle to them and a little cumin.

Chips - $10. It's pricey plate of chips but they are good, these a real chips, hand cut from potatoes, screw you Mr McCain. Our chip loving fiend has to fight everyone else off for a taste.

We've got an inkling there's a couple of extra magic dishes on the menu, we plan to come back soon and find them.

Kiroran Silk Road Uygur Restaurant is up the stars at 6 Dixon Street (the Northern, new part of Dixon Street Mall), in Sydney's glorious Chinatown. Phone 9283 0998.

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  1. i think i've been to this one but i can't remember exactly - i think they do a lamb spine though? jeez it's great

    there's another uygur/xinjiang place on that strip, could be that one.


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