20 October 2015

Le Bintz ~ French - New Caledonia

Our first couple of meals on our recent trip to Noumea were good but we were hoping for some wow factor. We started wondering if we are overselling Noumea as a food-nerd destination. Then we find Le Bintz.

No, Le Bintz isn't a dating website for floozies. Le Bintz is a restaurant well camouflaged in the Port du Sud Marina, at Baie de l'Orphelinat. We'd walked past Le Bintz maybe fifty times on our way to and from the city centre and never knew it existed. Above is the view from the main road, Le Bintz is that pink building in the middle. Incidentally, around the corner and just over the hill from Le Bintz is a hospitality training school that does cheap feeds. We hope to get around to that next time.

Inside Le Bintz is pretty casual, we felt perfectly comfy in daggy shorts and thongs. There's a bar and some almost formal looking tables inside. We thank the gods of interior design that they haven't gone for the usual chintzy nautical theme here, it's more kind of modern pub.

Outside on the terrace is the place to be on a warm sunny winter day. We have a view of the marina with it's many millions of dollars worth of dormant nautical hardware, and the hills surrounding the bay. Now this is living.

The service is relaxed and smiley yet professional. We felt very welcome and in good hands. When our meals arrived we felt vindicated in our love of New Caledonian food. Our meals were as good as they were pretty, and everybody in our party of five was equally enthusiastic about their lunch, which is rare. There were calls of 'best tuna ever had', 'best dressed salad ever had', and best 'baked apple ever had'. Prestigious awards indeedy.

Le thon juane de Caledonie - 2,650 F. Tuna, grilled on the outside and nicely raw on the inside, with mash to die for. In the middle was a small pumpkin flavoured souffle.

Le Magret de Canard - 3,050 F. Grilled duck breast was a favourite dish of Shawn's throughout our month long stay in Paris last year, it's like steak, rich ducky steak. Was this one as good as Paris? No but it's the next best thing. Love how this fancy pants food is served on paper placed mats, that's New Caledonia all over.

L'Agneau - 2,250 F. The lamb shank had Alison squealing with delight, pull apart soft and swimming in a hearty gravy. How purdy is that mash?

Le crabe - 1,850 F. A baked crabbie pattie with very stealable chips, Spongebob would be proud.

Le mahi mahi - 2,750 F. Grilled mahi-mahi fish, salad (with the best dressing ever) and baked potato. A pot of creme fraiche for dipping and spreading on the potato and fish is a nice touch, especially good for dipping into with stolen chips.

La pomme - 1,050 F. Stuffed baked apple with crumble on top, piped cream with a crisp brandy snap like biscuit and strawberry sorbet ice cream.

La Creme Brulee - 950 F. A must. Most Australian tourists go home fat from eating in Noumea because of their must have obsession with creme brulee. At least it's not panna cotta everywhere.

As espresso drinkers we love how it is served as kind of a long short black, espresso sucks in Australia. And this one comes with a cookie.

Le Bintz menu. There's also a set special of entree and main for 3,300 F, or main and dessert for 3,100 F, the catch is that it is only those three dishes in the middle of the menu above, you can't choose from the regular menu.

Le Bintz menu. Click to enlarge.

Le Bintz menu. Notice the sticky date pudding is listed as a speciality of Australia. We stand proud, we stand paunched.

Le Bintz is at 5 bis rue Barrau | Baie de l'Orphelinat, Noumea, Grand Terre, New Caledonia. See Le Bintz on Trip Advisor and Resto.nc.

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  1. I love the look of that lamb shank and mash! hmmmmm



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