04 December 2020

VN Streetfoods ~ Vietnamese, Wolli Creek

If you can't beat the crowds to Marrickville's legendary VN Street Foods, give their Wolli Creek branch a whirl.

This has been another favourite during the 2020 zombie invasion. It doesn't quite have the same vibe as the Marrickville version but we can always get a zombie safe outside table. The stools by the big open window facing the train station are great for zombie-free fresh air as well. 
The joy of VN Streetfoods is their menu, it's just that bit different to everywhere else.


The choose-you-own-adventure bento style meal boxes are a ripper.

Mealbox - $15. The mushroom stuffed tofu is our favourite find at VN streetfood. It's gentle in flavour and light on your guts, add some extra veggies to your bento and you have quite the healthy lunch.

Mushroom stuffed tofu with a dash of sweet, sweet, tomato-ey sauce.

We tried another bento, this time with tofu stuffed with pork mince, it is super meaty and filling, like a fried rissole. Good hangover material, except for the veggies.

Pho is pho is good is good.

Mr Shawn misread the menu, thought he ordered a healthy steamed rice combo with chicken, prawn and 4 veggies. Turns out to be fried rice ($13.50). Great fried rice. A not so healthy but very happy mistake.

Xoi ga - $13.50. Grilled chicken and sticky rice in a sticky sweet ginger sauce, the best kind. Sticky rice makes it extra special.

We ordered bun thit nuong ($11.50) and it came out with a bowl not big enough to dunk the noodles into the super sweet dipitty sauce. We weren't quite sure how to eat it but that smokey grilled pork was so good we just dived in hands first.

We still have a bunch more dishes to try here but we haven't put up a post for a while and this one was mostly done. 

VN Street Food is at 11/5 Brodie Spark Drive, Wolli Creek. Also in Marrickville and the information superhighway.

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  1. I love this place! Good to know they opened in Wolli creek. With the bun thit nuong I just break off a bite sized piece of noodles and use the spoon to dip it in the sauce, then you can wrap it up in the lettuce or straight to belly !


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