12 December 2017

Hammoud 1 ~ Lebanese - Liverpool

We hook hard left into Liverpool on our way back from Canberra, a stop we'll be making more often. We score an easy park on the edge of town, right across the road from Hammoud 1, a joint we sniffed out on an earlier recon mission.

Our keenly trained B-Kyu eyes roll cartoon jackpots as we clock the interior - functional and foof-free...

...so too the menu. A brief menu suggests everything is going to be good. Real good. We wondered how they make money at these prices - until we notice a calm and constant flow of takeaway traffic, and folks walking out with mountains of food.

So we order a few things thinking they would be small and snacky,  a light lunch. Turns out to be a feast, nay, a banquet.

Foule - broad beans, lemon juice and garlic - $6. The serving is bigger than the photo suggests, it's a serious bowl full of seriously amazing goo. Dunk some bread in and neck it with pickles, yeah.

Fate & meat - chick peas, meat, pine nuts, yoghurt - $9.  A feast of yoghurty meaty nutty amazement - lovely and gloopy and padded out with some flavour soaked bread at the bottom of the bowl.

Felafel - $6. These are made fresh to order which is the only way falafel should be served - hot and moist in the middle with a crunchy outer. There's a salty hit to them would could be a bit much for some.

Falafel dippage.

The meal comes with a  full sized plate of pickles, olives, fresh tomato and mint. The pickles really tie the meal together. The Dude abides.

And there's plenty of bread, super fresh and soft.

We doggy bag four containers of leftovers which does us for dinner and lunch the next day - that's three meals for two - six meals for twenty one bucks - for real food. This has to be one of the best value joints in Sydney. It was one of our feeding highlights of  2017.

Hammoud 1 is at 333 Macquarie Street, Liverpool.

Hammoud 1 Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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