11 January 2018

Yacht Club Restaurant, Cercle Nautique Caledonien (CNC) - Noumea, New Caledonia

Blue striped awnings, expensive boats, cold beer and rose. The Yacht Club Restaurant at CNC gives you that South of France feel in Noumea.

The Yacht Club became a quiet favourite of ours over the years for it's low key coastal pub atmosphere. Though the menu has changed and the bargain 1700 franc daily special is gone, the Yacht Club is still a family favourite.

Havannah beer on tap - a little darker than Number 1 - joy!

In this part of the world there is no shame in rose.

Duck carpaccio (1860xpf) - wafer thin slices of quack breast with a little apple and salad. A light winner of a lunch.

Blanc de volaille - xpf 2250. From the specials board we didn't understand - grilled chicken fillet with ham covered in fondue sauce, like a lightly cheesey bechamel. We don't understand this dish - it's very plain like kiddie food, another one of those French food mysteries like the ketchup on Tuna we had earlier in the week.

Porc fillet mignon - 2650xpf. Father reckon the pork was a little tough but the mustard sauce was a corker.

Fillet de rouget - 2200xpf. From specials board - rouget or red mullet - is very popular in New Caledonia and takes well to pan frying. The slightly muddy fish is given a real kick with a chopped tomatoey gingery goo on top. Dinner winner.

Coquelet grille en crapodine - 2250 xpf. Spring chicken with diablo sauce, a big serve of grilled chook with a alleged hot sauce tasting capsicum and/or mild chili.

Cafe gourmand - always a winner.

Tarte fine aux pommes - 1050xpf. This was like apple fritters with ice cream and smears of salted caramel goo. It's good though we miss the Normandy tart once served here.

Brasserie Du CNC is the Cercle Nautique Caledonien\Noumea Yacht Club. Phone 26.09.80. Find it next to a hill and a big bunch of boats 2 rue du Capitaine Desmier, Baie des Citrons. See yachtclub.nc

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