07 May 2012

More More Cha ~ Malaysian - Chinatown [CLOSED]

Our Malaysian obsession peaks with a fine feed at More More Cha, Chinatown. [CLOSED - JULY 2012 - NOW CALLED MALAY VILLAGE]

Never let it be said that we're suckers for a gimmick. Our friend Miss Economical Bihun sends us a link for the More More Cha Super Roti man. A day later we're there, dinner for four.

More More Cha is run by the folks from Mamak Village in Glebe, where we've had a dam fine feed in the past. The food leans much more towards the Malay end of the Malaysian food spectrum, it's even halal. It has those extra fresh spicy flavours and that extra lively tangy 'zing' that we love so much. It was fun to compare it to the more Chinese style of Malaysian we've been into at Petaling Street of late. Our friend Davatronix claimed it was one of the best Malaysian feeds he'd had in a long time. And he's a fussy bugger too. Though he was a bit pissed.

Inside is a fun and casual space, there's some tables outside too.

  • Penang otak otak - $10 - steamed spicy fish mousse, this received a collective 'meh' from the table
  • Lobak - $6 - fried bean curd skin filled with chicken and yam - this got a collective groan of delight from the table
  • Pendan chicken - $6. One of our favourites from the sister Mamak Village restaurant.
  • Roti canai - $5.50 - the classic dish of bread and dunky sauce

The roti at More More Cha is pretty good, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, the texture isn't quite as good as the infamous Mamak across the road though, but it's a happy a tradeoff as there is no hour-long queue. We really dig on the dipping sauces: the plain dahl is pretty good but the Malaysian curry sauce is super yum, and the unusual sweet fishy, tangy sambal in the middle is a favourite of the table.

  • Ayam bakar - spiced grilled chicken - $13.90. We are used to the Indonesian version of this dish that comes with sweet sticky kecap manis, but this dry version is dang fine piece of bird that gets the thumbs up from the whole table. Davatronix is raving about this one.
  • Beef rendang - $19. The perennial party pleaser - slow cooked fall-apart beef in a rich spicy gravy. Yum
  • Snake bean hee bee - $14.90 - green beans in shrimp paste. Nice'n'spicy, Shawn's favourite dish of the night.
  • Nonya sotong - $16.90 - squid in a sweet, tangy, gravy.

Miss Economical Bihun demands pandan sago for dessert - $6.90. A blob of pandan flavoured sago in chilled coconut with a sweet surprise of palm sugar syrup at the bottom. Yum.

More More Cha is at 1 Dixon Street, Darling Harbour, on the corner where the Mandarin club was for a while. Phone 9264 4780. www.moremorecha.com.au

Evil bunnies in a Dixon Street Shop window...

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  1. Food looks great (not so much the evil bunnies). I'd happily chow down here rather than waiting in the LONG queue for Mamak.

    1. There's no motorbike though Miss Piggy...


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