20 November 2012

Ipoh on York ~ Malaysian - City

Not every dish is a winner but overall Ipoh on York is a good option if you find yourself hungry for Malaysian in the city, a little north of Town Hall. It's worth a visit alone for the super cheery staff.

We've had a couple of dud dishes here, but the staff make us want to come back. We're always greeted with humongous smiles on arrival. And on an extra good day a couple of the counter girls will cracks some jokes, they have a great sense of humour. The friendly banter we hear between staff and regular customers often has us giggling.

Our favourite dish so far is the wonton noodle soup, surprisingly good. The chicken laksa is pretty hard to go wrong with too.

Mee rebus - noodles in curry, this version had the texture and taste of tinned spaghetti, with a hint of curry, not a favourite. We had this on a quiet Saturday so maybe they were out of form that day.

Hainanese chicken rice was better but not a 'wow' dish with unusually salty rice. Again, maybe we had it on a bad day. We've noticed staff eating chicken rice on their lunch breaks, maybe we should give it another shot.

Probably the best dish on our first visit was the murtabak - $8.50. A meat filled, pan fried\grilled pastry served with curry sauce on the side.

Chicken laksa - $9.50 - we don't eat a lot of laksa but this one tastes pretty good to us, especially with a bit of the house sambal added.

Assam laksa - tangy and quite sweet though with some nice fishy flavours poking through.

Wonton noodle soup - a simple Chinese style soup with a nice Chicken-y broth, the prawn & mince dumplings are yummy with a pleasant bite to them, and egg noodles are always good. This is a real winner.

Har Mee - $10.50 - prawn noodle soup. Not a killer har mee but it's light and refreshing. The broth is thin with a nice prawny note. We like the little bundle of kangkong (greens), the chicken didn't quite work though.

The limau (lime) ice was more like cordial, but what to expect when limes are way out of season, silly Mr Shawn...

We forgot to take a picture of the front of the store, so instead here's a picture of a nice pussycat we met on the way there.

Ipoh on York is at 89 York Street, City.

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  1. u should visit cabramatta more!

    ur blog would have countless entries on great food

    1. Yes, it's hard for us to get out there often.

  2. Malaysian mid-wife at hospital recently raved about the beef here....didn't say which dish but I'm guessing the rendang...she said it was the only place as good as Malaysian places. hmmm

  3. The chicken laksa here has got to be one of my favourites. I think the flavour packs a punch and I find myself slurping up the whole bowl (soup included) without feeling too overly sick on the coconut.

    1. It's the coconut that does me in every time, I love assam laksa more for the refreshing bite.

  4. hoping to try the Har Mee next — maybe for lunch this thursday. If you're free and want to join me let me know. they now ice kacang which was pretty good. i've tried the seafood laksa and enjoyed it. might try their wonton noodle soup down the track too since you've recommended :-)

    1. Guess we missed the date! Let us know how you liked the Har Mee. We are keen to go back and try the chicken again, perhaps on a weekday with more turnover we will like it better.


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