11 December 2012

Hungry Bob K-Food ~ Korean - Dixon House, Chinatown

We love Hungry Bob K-Food. If only the masses would catch on to K-Food like they have K-Pop...


Most Korean restaurants around Sydney have menus designed for sharing, they are superb value when dining with a group but can be pricey when there is just one or two of you. That's why we get so excited about Korean stalls in food courts, you can get a good cheap K-feed for one on the run.

We were very much saddened to see Dixon House's only Korean stall,  Kimchi & Sushi House, close down for good. It was run by such lovely folks and the food was great. But the appearance of a new Korean joint in it's place means we get to try our favourites all over again.

We pray to our gods, your gods, and the k-gods that Hungry Bob does well. It's a tough life running a food court stall - long long hours and low low margins - let alone a Korean stall in a Chinese enclave. The masses are yet to discover Korean food like they have say Japanese. So get in now and give it a go as great little stalls like this often disappear.

Hungry Bob K-Food is run by a cheery, friendly pair of blokes and every dish we tried was a winner. Highly recommended.

#9 Bibimbab - $8.50. The legendary Korean dish of beef and veggies, a great version of it too. Love those subtley pickled veggies. Yay.

#10 Dolsot bibimbab - $10. As above but served in a hotpot. The rice sticks to the bowl and goes all crunchy. We struggle to describe how much we enjoyed this dish without using swear words.

#20 Gungung Tteokbokki - $8.50 - beef and rice cake in sweet soy sauce. A sweet and carby hunger buster - super stodgey rice cakes with slithers of beef and veggies and a few clear noodles. The sauce has that dark caramelised sugar flavour that  you get when your fry up some soy sauce with some oil and a hefty whack of sugar.

#5 Sundubu Jjigae - $9. A lightly spicy soup with fish balls, good old seafood extender, squid and even a prawn. It had a lovely big log of soft tofu,  some veggies and an egg. Served with a bowl of rice and some kimchi on the side. Delicious and quite healthy too. Korean soup/stews are wonderful.

#3 Wang Galbitang - $9 - beef rib soup. Big macho hunks of stewed beef on the bone, in a thin clear simple broth. A real homely Nanna style dish, Mr Shawn's hangover sure appreciated it.

#15 Ttukbaegi Bulgolgi - $10.  Stir fried marinated beef served on a hot plate thingy. The beef is super tender and Mr Shawn can't resist drinking the sauce at the bottom. Such a generous serve and so dang good. Anybody who likes beef should dig on this. Highly recommended.

Hungry Bob K-Food is in Dixon House Food Court, basement level, corner of Dixon and Little Hay Street's Chinatown.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm #15 looks the best!

  2. Looks great! I am going through a bit of a Korean food phase at the moment. I agree - Korean soups and stews are awesome :)

  3. Is this place still open? Went there on Saturday and it was closed, and it was closed again today.

  4. We're getting pretty certain it has shut - they haven't been open for a couple of weeks at least.


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