29 January 2013

Casa De Goa ~ Goan Portuguese at Enmore Park

We celebrate Bogan Christmas* (Australia Day) with some Goan Portuguese fusion in Enmore Park.

We almost don't want to promote the little Australia Day festival in Enmore Park. It's a small, daggy, family friendly, local event. Kiddies run around on sugar benders while the grown-ups kick back with their byo booze.  There's a few food stalls, some boring speeches, some live music, fireworks, and a lot of just sitting around and taking it easy. Bring a chair and a newspaper.

We're enjoying this little festival while we can. It's still small but getting slowly more popular every year.  It only takes one bunch of drunk idiots to wreck it, then they will have to fence it off and ban byo-booze, just like what happened to the Newtown Festival.

To be honest we don't give a  rats arse about Australia Day, we just came for this food stall: Casa de Goa. Casa de Goa describes it's cuisine as Goan Portuguese fusion.  Portugal loitered at the party in Goa (India) for 451 years, and wouldn't leave until the the goon bag was empty and they were booted out. We're not fans of colonialism, but it does result in great food, such as this great menu which is a mix of Indian and European style dishes, from mussels in white wine to butter chicken.

The bloke that runs the show is a lovely fella. He did have a restaurant by the same name in Dulwich Hill, but he closed it down for lifestyle reasons. Here's a blog post for the joint from Does My Bomb Look Big in This.

Mixed seafood platter - $10.  A whopping serve with several prawns, plus mussels, octopus and calamari. Served with arroz de refogado (Goan yellow fried rice) vegetables and salad.

Feijoado - $6. Chourico (Portuguese sausage) and dried beans cooked with spices and garlic. Served with arroz de refogado, salad and vegetables. The pork'n'bean flavour in this dish was our favourite. An amazing feed for $6.

There's a dozen or so food stalls. The other thing which caught our eye was this paella stand, cooking up mounds of the stuff on huge pans. We were going to try it out for dinner but we were still full from lunch.

Yay fireworks.

The Australia Day Festival is held every year in Enmore Park, at least until some bastard ruins it.

*we borrowed the Bogan Christmas line from @paulkidd, we're not that clever!

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  1. What a cheap seafood feed! Very good find (:

  2. This looks delicious, can the man behind Casa de Goa be contacted? Or more so, how do we know where he's off to cook next?


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