10 January 2013

Chinatown Noodle Restaurant ~ Chinese - Chinatown

We sniff a sad good-bye to Daily Noodle Fast Food and give an Uncle Leo "Hello" to Chinatown Noodle Restaurant.

We walked past this new place a couple of times in the New Year and wondered how it could be so packed with people only a few weeks after opening. How did they find out it was there? Is there some secret noodle grapevine we aren't aware of? Sitting in the restaurant looking at the menu we worked out this place is the same as Chinese Noodle Restaurant on the other side of the Prince Centre, the menus are exactly the same. We mused if people were being escorted around to this place if the other place was full.

Bang on queue a gaggle of bright young dumpling and noodle lovers were escorted in, looking a little bemused as to why they were brought here. Maybe they were just relived they didn't have to listen to the violin player outside the Thomas St joint any more. The place was instantly packed.

As the menu is the same as Thomas St, at least half of it anyway, expect lots of dumplings in all variations and a big noodle selection.

Beijing Style stir fried shredded pancake with pork - $9.80. A limited new year special, we were lucky to get it in the last few days it was offered. The pancakes were cut quite thickly, mixed in with a generous portion of stir fried egg, pork and a few vegetables. Not a good one to kick start a new years weight loss resolution.

Beijing pork combination noodle with pork mince and cucumber - $9.80. The mince was a salty bean mixture, stirred through a pile of quality hand made noodles that we watched being made before we ate. The shredded cucumber helps cut down the salty flavour and adds a fresh flavour. Alison preferred the one offered at Cho Dumpling King, slightly smaller but cheaper. Shawn prefers this one for the chompier handmade noodles.

Chili chicken potato stew with rice - $9.80. Cleaver cut pieces of chook leg, bones and all, in a bean and soy sauce. There wasn't a lot of potato in this dish, which was a shame as that is often as tasty as the chicken.

Toasted X'ian bun with with cumin lamb - $5.50. Nice bread and and we like the chunky cumin lamb filling, but for this dish we haven't found anybody quite in the same league as X'ian Cuisine (opposite the Entertainment Centre in Chinatown).

Light pan fried dumplings - $8.80 for twelve. We went for egg and chive flavour which can be lighter in flavour than the meat versions. Some chilli on the side to mix with the vinegar and soy would have been perfect for these.

Soup Noodles with Red Braised Beef - $9.50. Mr Shawn's dream soup - thicky chompy handmade noodles in a thin dark sweet beefy broth with sweetly spice slow cooked chunky beef. Oh mama this is good.

Dumpling hot and sour soup noodles - $8.90. A fairly spicy hot and sour broth with great big pork and chive dumplings with the bonus addition of some pork and veggies. Top notch.

Chinatown Noodle Restaurant is on the site of the old Daily Noodle Fast Food on Quay St, Chinatown. Note Pinangsia Noodle next door is having a renovation and was closed at the time we went.

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  1. These guys have so many restaurants with similar names that I get so confused...I have seem this place though...and the lamb bun looks good.

    1. What other restaurants do they own? I know of Chinese Noodle Restaurant and this one, what others are there, please tell?

    2. Ditto: I only know of Chinese Noodle Restaurant and this one as well. Chinese Noodle House looks similar but I always thought it was owned by different people.

    3. Chinese Noodle House is different (although the signage, decor and menu are very similar), i'm surprised the folks behind Chinese Noodle Restaurant don't sue the owners of Chinese Noodle House to be honest.

  2. These handmade noodles look absolutely fantastic! You have so many options for really good food..lucky you! Why oh why can't I move to Sydney?!? :(

    1. I'm sure there's something interesting wherever you are!

  3. OMG.

    when i first saw the thumbnail of the beef noodle soup, I thought you meant that Daily Noodle had reopened on the other side of the centre under a different name....only to realise by the end of the post that it was the other way around =(

    So Daily Noodle is still gone?


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